Makeup For Brunettes

Makeup For Brunettes
Makeup For Brunettes

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To make your makeup look really beautiful and successful, you need to take into account all the details: face type, image, clothing style and, of course, hair color. It is important to remember that blondes, brunettes and redheads should choose completely different makeup colors. Only with this in mind, it will be possible to create the most natural image.

Makeup for brunettes
Makeup for brunettes

For bright and showy dark-haired girls, makeup should be chosen with great care. Brunette curls are a strong accent in themselves, which is why make-up tones should be restrained and calm.

Tone and powder

You can safely experiment with darker shades of foundation and powder. "Tan color", "hazel tone", "delicate bronze" - all these colors will highlight the face and erase the sharp line between its pallor and dark hair color. Use a light moisturizer before applying foundation. The cream is applied to the face with gentle movements, as soon as it is completely dry, you can proceed to the next stage of makeup.

A bronzing powder will add a beautiful shimmering color to the skin. It is convenient to apply the powder with a large soft brush - with light movements along the massage lines.


For owners of light eyes (blue, green), makeup artists recommend using dark shades of blush, for example, chocolate. For dark-eyed brunettes, peach blush will do (but only apply it to the top of the cheekbones).


Brunettes need to choose eyeshadows in neutral shades: beige, gray, green, chocolate (depending on eye color). If you plan to use shadows of two colors, then they should be contrasting. For example, chocolate and cream or green and milky. It is best to choose a standard black color for ink and pencil. For a spectacular look, it will be enough to draw a neat line with a pencil along the upper and lower eyelids. And besides, it is brunettes who can experiment with all kinds of arrow shapes.


Almost all shades of lipstick are suitable for dark-haired young ladies: from red to light pink. Brown and cream shades will look especially impressive on the lips of girls with the type of appearance under discussion. But no matter what color you choose, it's worth remembering a little trick: before you put on your lips with lipstick, you need to carefully trace them around the contour with a light brown pencil. This will add plumpness and definition to the lips.

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