How To Iron A Raincoat

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How To Iron A Raincoat
How To Iron A Raincoat

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To look perfect, you need to monitor the condition of your outerwear. If your raincoat has wrinkles and folds, then this can be easily corrected. Just like a shirt or jacket, a raincoat has its own characteristics and ironing sequence. Here are some tips on how to iron your raincoat to make it look great again.

How to iron a raincoat
How to iron a raincoat


Step 1

An hour before the procedure, the raincoat must be moistened or ironed, covering it with a damp cloth. The raincoat is ironed only from the front side, with a warm iron.

Step 2

Start ironing the coat from the collar, from the ends to the middle. First from the seamy side, and then from the front.

Step 3

It is necessary to iron the sleeves, starting from the cuffs. Roll the towel into a round roll and place it in the sleeve of your raincoat and iron.

Step 4

Fold the back in half and iron on each side. Spread out the cloak and carefully strip the resulting line on the back.

Step 5

Iron the shoulder of the cape separately, stretching it carefully to avoid wrinkling.

Step 6

On the front, strip off the buttonhole and button plackets. And then the left and right half completely.

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