How To Recolor Your Skin

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How To Recolor Your Skin
How To Recolor Your Skin

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Often, leather clothing after long wear loses its original color, takes on a worn look, and gets stains. Sometimes the best way out in this situation is to paint the product - either renew the old color, or repaint it with a new one, usually a darker one - brown or black. After the correct procedure, the item looks newer and brighter, and can serve you for many more years.

How to recolor your skin
How to recolor your skin


  • - laundry soap;
  • - special paint;
  • - sponge.


Step 1

It is best to take your leather item to a dry cleaner or a workshop that dye leather items, in which case you can count on excellent results. If for some reason you cannot use the services of a specialized institution, you can try to do it yourself. If you do everything right, the result will delight you for several more years.

Step 2

First you need to thoroughly clean the product. Remove all dust and greasy and dirty spots. Dilute regular laundry soap in warm water, dampen a sponge or clean cloth in it, and rinse the entire surface. The sponge should not be wet, but damp, otherwise the product may warp or dry for a very long time.

Step 3

Wash off the soap with another sponge dipped in clean water without impurities. After that, dry the leather thing, but in no case near a battery and not in the sun - this will damage the skin, make it rough and warped. After that, you can start staining.

Step 4

Choose high-quality paint, because the appearance of the product depends on it. For insurance, you can test the effect of the paint on another piece of leather. Better not to buy the product in aerosols, it is less persistent and sometimes lays down worse. Opt for water-based liquid leather paint. It is easy to use, it lies flat on the surface, dries quickly and does not have an unpleasant, pungent odor.

Step 5

Spread the item to be painted on a flat, hard surface using a large table. Spread it out and then start to rub the paint with a sponge or cloth soaked in dye. Paint in a circular motion, applying a thin layer. Do not try to process a large area at once, move gradually, in small areas. Be sure to paint over the seams.

Step 6

After painting the entire product, let it dry. After complete drying, polish the surface by walking over it with a soft cloth in order to get rid of excess shine.

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