How To Choose Nubuck Boots

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How To Choose Nubuck Boots
How To Choose Nubuck Boots

Video: How To Choose Nubuck Boots

Video: How To Choose Nubuck Boots
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The choice of shoes made of velor and nubuck must be extremely responsible, since high-quality shoes made of good materials are worn for a very long time, but this cannot be said about inexpensive fakes.

How to choose nubuck boots
How to choose nubuck boots


Step 1

Both velor and nubuck are types of polished leather. Only nubuck is processed from the front side, and velor - from the flesh side. Choosing velor shoes is quite simple, just check if it will stain your hands. To do this, you can rub it with your palm or fingers. High-quality velor should not be painted. It is preferable to buy shoes from velor with a short pile, since it is less greasy and is generally considered more durable.

Step 2

Nubuck, unlike velor, exists in three types: artificial nubuck, natural and nubuck-oil, which is impregnated with a special solution. Before buying shoes, you need to decide what nubuck it should be made of.

Step 3

Natural nubuck is made from high quality leather. The surface of this material is velvety and very soft. Nubuck shoes are considered extremely comfortable, they practically do not rub the feet, do not paint and "breathe". The disadvantage of natural nubuck is not too good wear resistance and the need for special care during use. If you are going to buy nubuck shoes, be sure to ask a consultant to advise you on the care of the purchased shoes. To protect this material from wear, special sprays are used, which give nubuck water-repellent properties, special erasers for gentle removal of dirt and aerosol paints, which can mask scratches and weariness.

Step 4

Artificial nubuck is made from synthetic materials. Shoes made of artificial nubuck are characterized by a low cost, moreover, they are much more wear-resistant and durable. Unfortunately, this material does not "breathe", so it is not considered very useful to wear shoes made from it.

Step 5

Nubuck-oil is impregnated with a strong water-repellent agent, so shoes made of it can be safely worn even in rainy weather without additional processing. It is a soft material that is very pleasant to the touch. Nubuck oil is an improved popular material, shoes made of it are slightly more expensive than those of regular nubuck, but you do not have to spend extra money on special impregnation.

Step 6

If you prefer natural materials, go for regular nubuck. If you want to save money by buying, for example, a spare pair of shoes, you can opt for a faux nubuck. Nubuck oil remains the most practical option, as it combines the advantages of natural and artificial materials, it will serve you for a very long time and at the same time will allow your feet to "breathe".