Fashion 2016: The Return Of The Well-forgotten Old

Fashion 2016: The Return Of The Well-forgotten Old
Fashion 2016: The Return Of The Well-forgotten Old

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In the trends of the spring 2016 season, the updated 90s come to the fore. We are offered clothes for all occasions, in which you can appear both at work and at a party. Variety makes it possible to find your image in accordance with the new trends of the season.


It would seem that quite recently, just yesterday, we were choosing an outfit for the most magical night of the year. And today they have already froze on the eve of spring. In order to meet her as befits a true fashionista, it would not hurt to study the fashion trends of the upcoming season.

Even in the previous year, the 90s began to break into all the collections of fashion brands again. From that moment on, the fashion for them did not pass, and we observed their appearance in new collections more and more often. Leather jackets, rivets, ripped edges, evocative prints mostly in black and white, jeans and high-waisted shorts and an indispensable element of this look - the mesh gives us a once again plunge into the atmosphere of the rock scene of this recent past.

Linen style, which, by the way, never went anywhere, remains in trend, but this time it goes to a new level. Get ready to see it literally everywhere - silk slip dresses, 2 sizes larger pajamas to wear wherever you want, from romantic dates to business negotiations.

Also in the trend is a loose-fitting coat, mainly in pastel shades as suggested by the designers themselves, but also a checkered coat and a striped coat do not go unnoticed.

The spring-summer season and white go hand in hand almost every year, and 2016 was no exception. In order not to get lost in the snow-white of your outfit, you can add elements of bright, clean shades, while avoiding halftones.

Along with the fashion of the 90s, not only the mesh, but also the cage returns to us - this fashionable pun will become almost the motto of spring 2016. The briefly forgotten print is regaining its former popularity and takes its rightfulness, and far from the last place in the wardrobe of the approaching season.

Where to go to the party? What to wear when going to a nightclub? How to dress for an evening date? This spring, you will not need to rack your brains and search for answers to these questions all day. A dress embroidered with sequins or a similarly decorated outfit, although nothing prevents us from finding and wearing a dress that combines these two trends.

The fashion for the floral print cannot be ignored, which, like everything else, returns after a short retreat. A distinctive feature of these outfits is their versatility. You can wear them both with sandals and with lace-up ankle boots, you get a more contrasting combination by crossing them with rough shoes like choppers or martins.

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