What Are The Boots Over The Knee

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What Are The Boots Over The Knee
What Are The Boots Over The Knee

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Treads are not deprived of the attention of designers, they are in all brand collections. High boots create a sexy image, for which they are loved by ladies of different status.

What are the boots over the knee
What are the boots over the knee

A bit of history

Treads are long-lived shoes. They were invented several centuries ago for cavalrymen, they got a second life in the 60s of the XX century, becoming the subject of a woman's wardrobe. They matched perfectly with the short skirts that appeared at the same time. In the 80s, high boots became an erotic fetish, it was at this time that they began to be considered obscene footwear.

In the 21st century, women's boots were rehabilitated and again in favor. They suit all ladies, hide figure flaws, visually lengthen the legs. The variety of models allows you to match them to any style.

Winter boots

Fashion moves in a spiral, designers again and again return to the boots of the "over the knee" model. The most eminent fashion designers pay attention to this fertile topic, because the field for creativity is "high". Boots that cover the knee are perfect for a winter wardrobe. For the winter 2015-2016, designers offer classic over the knee boots, as well as mid-thigh boots - black and colored.

Suede over the knee boots are still in vogue. Pedro Garcia boots, made in Spain, in polished suede, with a hidden closure at the instep create a seductive, sexy look. Popular models with knee pads that cover the knee, but leave the back open. The design of warm boots, decorated with fur trim and pompoms, is interesting.

Heeled boots

The choice of models is varied, every fashionista can choose the optimal heel height for herself. Stiletto heel boots from the fashion house Burberry Prorsum create a hypersexual look, combined with python or glossy black leather - this is "killer" force.

The feminine version - wedge heel and chunky heel - are great for winter shoes. The hot trend of this season is flat-soled boots or square inconspicuous heels. Such shoes will allow you to be stylish without harming your health, and reduce the risk of falling. Platform treads have good stability, but they make the leg heavier, it is not advisable to wear them for the owners of the "pear" figure.

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