How To Wear Red Shoes

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How To Wear Red Shoes
How To Wear Red Shoes

Red shoes are a very catchy piece of clothing. Only liberated, brave ladies can shoe them. Combine this wardrobe item with other things very carefully. Incorrect layout can give the impression of a complete lack of taste and sense of style.

How to wear red shoes
How to wear red shoes

General rules

First of all, you need to pay attention to your legs. They should be flawlessly smooth, especially if you're wearing a skirt. Bright shoes are eye-catching, and therefore legs will be automatically assessed, remember this.

If you're wearing red open-toed shoes, be sure to get a good pedicure on your own or at a beauty salon. Give preference to dim varnish colors.

Red shoes are a thing that speaks for itself. Therefore, it is not worth complementing the image with too bright, colorful accessories. Jewelry or a matching scarf will be a great match for these shoes. In this case, the bag does not have to be selected in red, it is enough if it has a print of this shade.

The choice of tights must be taken extremely pedantically. They should be flesh-colored with a silky texture. And only with a black dress can you put on tights to match him. Color variants are highly unacceptable.

For urban style, jeans are perfect. Denim and red shoes go very well together. Blue jeans, a black shirt and bright shoes are a practical wardrobe option for everyday life.

The best color options for clothing are black, white, blue, and beige. In an ensemble with these shades, red shoes look stylish and enchanting.

Business red shoes

Putting on red pumps in the office is a very daring decision. For a strict dress code, this option will not work. But if bright details in clothes are allowed at your work, these shoes will add variety to the business image.

For the office, strict, business attire is ideal. The length of the skirt or dress should cover the knee. A conservative gray or black is best. However, other shades are also suitable for a business wardrobe.

It is better not to wear a black dress, especially a short one, in the office, it is more acceptable for a chic evening. An exception may be a black knee-length dress with a white print. It is best to pick a bag in a dark color.

It should be in a classic style. Trousers with an arrow, white blouse, jacket and red patent leather shoes will take you to the pedestal of popularity. It is impossible to take your eyes off such an image.

Red shoes are preferred by confident, successful women. This wardrobe item is suitable for bright people, those who like to stand out from the general crowd. If you want to show your impeccable taste and vivid image, feel free to experiment with red shoes.