Boho Style For Obese Women

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Boho Style For Obese Women
Boho Style For Obese Women

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Boho style was discovered by gypsies in the 16th century. It is their costumes that are characterized by layering. Later, in the 19th century, such images began to be adopted by poor actors of street theaters and other bohemians. Now this style is used by both celebrities and ordinary women who appreciated all the charm and lightness of their new images.

Boho style for obese women
Boho style for obese women

The boho style can be characterized by several main features: multi-layered costume, ethnic patterns, natural fabrics and a combination of at first glance incompatible styles.


A boho-style wardrobe should consist of a certain minimum set that will help you appreciate the beauty of the chosen direction. For the cold season, do not give preference to down jackets, they will only emphasize excess volumes. Take a closer look at fur vests. They can be combined with warm sweaters and leather jackets. Buy yourself a long skirt and gypsy-style trousers. They can be of a variety of colors. But it is important to choose non-tight models. Do not think that tight pants and leggings are out of your reach. They will go well with bright and embellished tunics and baggy cardigans. The latter, with their coarse viscous and carelessness, will give your image a more sophisticated look. Dresses and sundresses should be made from natural materials, strive to be closer to nature when choosing clothes. Buy wide belts and belts, cowboy hats and a variety of scarves. For such clothes, country-style shoes are suitable - cowboy boots and Scandinavian sandals. Wear ugg boots in winter, they are warm and comfortable.


Draw attention away from your flaws. Choose fabrics that are thick enough and refuse knitwear and synthetics, which are ugly wrapped around the folds. It is unacceptable to wear things with decor located in problem areas. For example, women with a tummy should not wear tunics with a print in the middle.

Don't overdo it by combining different styles. You have to cover up the flaws, and not look too bright. Always try to look at yourself from the outside. For an overly complex way, your merits will not be noticeable, you will simply become lost.

As in almost any style, it is better to make a neutral background, which should be emphasized with textured accessories.

Try to maintain moderation in the selection of different parts of the wardrobe. For example, when wearing a bright maxi, pair it with a plain, printed T-shirt. In general, the habit of wearing skirts and dresses will quickly make your look romantic. This means you will learn to give up unnecessary, aggressive details.

You can also decorate your hair in boho style. Use a headband or hair band. You can safely choose from a wide variety of headbands, turbans and scarves. Of the jewelry, preference should be given to large beads, rings and bracelets. Such accessories make the image richer and fuller.

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