Mules Shoes

Mules Shoes
Mules Shoes

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Mules are shoes with heels without a back. The leg slips inside, so you don't need to waste time on fasteners or laces. This type of shoe is so versatile that it suits almost any style of clothing.

Mules shoes
Mules shoes

What do mules look like

The heel of a mule shoe can be flat or very high. The toe is classic, elongated, closed, open, framed by a metal insert. Now mules are a female type of shoe, but originally these shoes were used by men in ancient Rome and were considered solely ceremonial. They were made of purple or dark red leather.

In the Baroque era, mules began to flaunt on the legs of both men and women. At the beginning of the 20th century, this type of shoe was associated with girls of easy virtue, but around the 50s, their reputation was corrected by Marilyn Monroe, which made mules an integral part of the wardrobe of Hollywood fashionistas.

What to wear with mules

Mules are ideal for those who are very fond of dresses, skirts or shorts. Depending on the shape and height of the heel, they can visually correct minor imperfections such as full ankles. To make your legs seem as slender as possible, you need to give preference to mules with stilettos.

Mules look great with trousers, so you can safely give preference to this type of shoe if you are not a fan of skirts or dresses.

Mules look best on slender legs with a natural tan; in this case, the type of outerwear does not really matter.

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