How To Restore Fur

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How To Restore Fur
How To Restore Fur

Video: How To Restore Fur

Video: How To Restore Fur
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Owners of fur products sooner or later face the same question: is it necessary to restore the fur of their favorite fur coat and how to do it correctly.

How to restore fur
How to restore fur


Step 1

The choice of cleaning method depends on the nature of the problem. So, if a thing has been hanging in the closet for a long time and gets dusty, it should be knocked out. To do this, lay the fur coat on a damp cloth (for example, on a sheet) so that the fur is at the bottom, and carefully remove the dust from the product. Then restore the shine it used to be by wiping it down with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

Step 2

White and light fur clothing can be restored with potato starch. First sprinkle the product with it, and then sprinkle it with a powder dissolved in warm water from a spray bottle and leave to dry. Remove the dried mixture with a brush, and dry and comb the coat. It is important that the fur dries on its own, and not as a result of exposure to a hair dryer, iron, heating appliances, etc. The lost softness will return to the fur thing if you wipe it from the inside with water and glycerin diluted in it (1: 1 ratio).

Step 3

There are several ways to remove stains from fur. For example, wipe it with a cloth soaked in gasoline (do not forget about safety measures!), Then sprinkle with starch and leave to dry. Then shake the product well and comb it. A little easier and faster you will get rid of the stain if you wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of alcohol and salt (half a liter of water, a teaspoon of ammonia and three tablespoons of salt).

Step 4

The restoration of some fur products, such as mink, is primarily aimed at restoring their shine. And since it disappears as a result of washing out the fat composition, the main task of cleansing is to fill this "gap". To do this, dip pork (fish) oil (100 grams) and soap (10 grams) into boiling water (half a liter), and then, stirring the mixture, add ammonia (12 drops) to it. Then apply the emulsion cooled to 35 degrees with a brush on the fur.

Step 5

Rabbit fur requires a special careful and even delicate attitude. So, it should first be combed out well, and then the animal's hair (in the direction of fur growth) should be treated with a tampon well moistened with 5% acetic acid (hydrogen peroxide up to 5%). The process is completed by removing the remaining liquid with a moistened cotton pad, but so that the skin does not get wet.

Step 6

Fur products should be stored in a cool place (about seven degrees), with a humidity of 50%. And so that they have the opportunity to "breathe", pack the clothes in a cotton cover.

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