What Is Magnetic Varnish

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What Is Magnetic Varnish
What Is Magnetic Varnish

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Magnetic nail polish has been on the market a few years ago. True, long before it appeared on the wide sale, this tool had already flashed in the limited collections of some brands. A feature of the product is wide design possibilities. With the help of special magnets, nails can be decorated with stylized stars, snowflakes, zigzags or waves.

What is magnetic varnish
What is magnetic varnish


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The mystery of the effect of magnetic varnish in its composition. The formula includes the smallest metal particles, which are arranged in a certain order under the influence of a magnet. Each magnet can only "draw" one kind of pattern. Therefore, those who want variety are forced to buy several gadgets with different motives. Good news for fans of magnetic varnishes - all the accessories for creating designs are interchangeable. You can buy varnishes of one brand and make patterns on them with magnets of another.

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Another common feature of all varnishes of this type is the similar type of coating. Varnishes have a dense texture with a pearlescent sheen; it takes skill to apply the product in an even layer. The palette of magnetic varnishes is limited to dark complex shades from black-gray to gray-blue. Most colors have a pronounced cold undertone - it is set by the metal particles present in the composition.

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Magnetic varnishes are highly durable. However, they can highlight all the irregularities of the nail. In order for the product to lie perfectly, before application, it is necessary to level the plate with a polishing bar and apply a layer of protective base to it.

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If varnishes of brands of different price categories are very similar, then in the category of magnets variety reigns. Beginners should pay attention to the magnets attached to the stand - they are much more convenient to use. It is enough to place your finger on a special platform and the magnet will start to work. The plates that you need to hold on your own over the painted nail are less convenient - it is not always possible to correctly calculate the distance required for the appearance of the pattern. If you bring the plate too close, it is easy to grease the freshly applied varnish.

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The most popular pattern for a magnetic manicure is a star or a snowflake. In second place are various stripes. Waves and zigzags are less common, and magnets with unusual patterns such as flowers or hearts are rarely produced.

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Magnetic nail polish has some peculiarities. The product is applied in a fairly thick layer, the freshly painted nail is immediately placed under the magnet. The longer you hold the magnet over the varnish and the closer it is located, the brighter the drawing will be. It is impossible to apply shiny tops, liquid drying and other means on it - they will blur the surface of the magnetic varnish, and the pattern will become difficult to see. Drying will take at least half an hour, but the coating will turn out to be durable and will last for at least 5 days.

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