How To Make The Perfect Square

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How To Make The Perfect Square
How To Make The Perfect Square

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"Kare" is one of the classic haircuts. Various other hairstyles are performed on its basis. In order to make a haircut "Kare", it is not necessary to go to the salon every time. The main thing is a steady hand and consistency of actions.



Step 1

Before you start cutting, wash your hair thoroughly and dry it. You can leave them slightly damp. Now divide your head into seven zones using a center vertical parting and a horizontal parting from ear to ear (across the crown of the head). Also identify the left temporal area and the right temporal area. The traditional length of the square is up to the chin, but it can be slightly higher or lower. Remember that during the haircut, you should not pull the strands very much: this way you can cut your hair much shorter than required.

Step 2

Start cutting from the front: select a 3 cm wide strand and brush it down. Cut to the desired length by keeping the scissors parallel to the floor. After the anterior zone, go to the occipital. It is important to keep the same length everywhere so that the haircut turns out to be even. Use a ruler if desired. In this regard, a good eye is your best assistant. In each zone there should be a control strand, which must be equal to. When trimming the occipital zone, move forward and stop only in the front zone.

Step 3

Comb the left and right occipital areas. Now trim the left and right crown areas in the same way. Trim the section of hair above the forehead last. To do this, part your hair with a straight part. Finish by combing the hair left, right, back and trimming any irregularities.

Step 4

A bob haircut provides for a straight or side parting, as well as bangs of any length. To cut the bangs, brush off the topmost section of the forehead and trim it to the desired length. In the same way, comb the next strands and cut them to the length of the first strand.

Step 5

Dry your hair after you finish cutting. It is advisable to use a straightening iron so that the hairstyle takes on a salon look. Hair in "Kara" should be perfectly straight and smooth. Curl the ends of your hair inward or outward using a hair dryer and a round brush. Fix the result with varnish.

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