How To Achieve Tender Heels With Acidic Socks

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How To Achieve Tender Heels With Acidic Socks
How To Achieve Tender Heels With Acidic Socks

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Often women dream of soft velvety heels, which are not ashamed to show in the summer in open sandals. However, after the autumn-winter season, it is quite difficult to get rid of cracks, calluses and corns on these long-suffering areas of the body. An excellent way to treat them is acid socks with a peeling effect.

How to achieve tender heels with acidic socks
How to achieve tender heels with acidic socks


Step 1

Exfoliating acid socks not only remove surface impurities, corns and dead cells from the surface of the heels, but also heal their skin with extracts of papaya, apple, chamomile and other beneficial additives. Glycolic and citrus acids, which are part of acidic socks, painlessly remove dead epidermis, and natural ingredients complete their work, gently softening, restoring and moisturizing treated skin.

Step 2

After putting on acid socks, you do not need to wait for the mask to dry and absorb - you can start your business immediately after the procedure. The healing components of the mask will act on the skin of the heels even with movement, providing an additional exfoliating effect. In addition, acidic socks regulate the work of the sweat glands on the feet, which allows you to get rid of unpleasant foot odor and significantly save on medicated creams. When using them, the heels will become tender within a week after the start of their application, and the result will last for two to three months.

Step 3

Before using acidic socks, you should thoroughly wash your feet with warm water, remove the masks from the packaging, put them on and wash your hands. After one and a half to two hours of application, you need to remove the socks and rinse off the residues under running water. The hardened epidermis begins to exfoliate from the heels on the fourth or seventh day after use, and the remaining corns and corns will disappear on their own in a few days. When using acidic socks, it is not recommended to additionally use rough mechanical instruments like pumice - the skin should exfoliate naturally.

Step 4

Acid socks should not be used if the skin has cuts, wounds, eczema, irritation or allergic reactions, as well as if you have individual sensitivity to any component of the mask. Before using the socks, it is advisable to check a small piece of them on the skin area by pinching it off the mask, wetting it and applying it to the bend of the elbow for two minutes - if redness or rash appears after that, you cannot use the product. If the mask gets on the mucous membranes, rinse them with plenty of warm running water.

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