How To Reduce Acne

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How To Reduce Acne
How To Reduce Acne

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Small and seemingly invisible at first glance, acne can be a real problem if it appears too often. Repulsive pustular rashes on the skin can even lead to prolonged depression and the desire for self-isolation, when it begins to seem that it is simply impossible to cope with this scourge. In reality, this is not so - it is quite possible to cure any acne, you just need to be patient and apply the right remedies.

How to reduce acne
How to reduce acne


Step 1

Before starting treatment for acne, you need to find out the reasons for their persistent appearance. By its nature, a pimple is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland in the skin, accompanied by the formation of a small abscess. Sebaceous glands can become inflamed due to pollution, poor lifestyle choices or hormonal imbalances.

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If the skin is constantly inflamed, hurts, abscesses are formed often, are poorly treated and occupy a large area, you should consult a dermatologist. Most likely, there is a special skin disease - acne, which requires qualified treatment. If the problem is youthful acne and recurrent rashes, you can try to cope on your own.

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Juvenile acne is usually associated with hormonal changes in the body and over time go away by itself without a trace. But until then, they require treatment and special skin care. First of all, it is a thorough cleansing of the face. It is important to remember that simply increasing the number of washes per day will not be beneficial. The reason for the formation of acne is the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin, therefore with frequent washing, washing off the protective sebaceous layer from the skin, you can achieve the opposite effect - the sebaceous glands will work more and more actively. Therefore, 2-3 washes per day is quite enough. In this case, it is advisable to use soft cleansing gels and foams, but not a hard scrub, which will only lead to skin irritation.

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With regular acne, you need to pay special attention to your lifestyle, nutrition and bowel function. Often, with excessive clogging of the body, the skin takes on cleansing functions that the organs of the excretory system cannot cope with, and tries to remove harmful substances through its pores. Lack of vitamins, fiber, excess of fats and chemical additives stimulate the formation of abscesses. Therefore, special preference should be given to healthy, not heavy food, consisting of vegetables, cereals, natural dairy products. It is advisable to completely abandon or significantly reduce the amount of sweet soda consumed (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, lemonades, alcoholic cocktails, etc.), chips, fast food. Smoking is also not conducive to clean, healthy skin, so if you can quit cigarettes would be great.

Step 5

In summer, sunlight, fresh air and physical activity help fight acne. With the beginning of autumn, skin problems may return. Therefore, it is advisable with the onset of cold weather, at least occasionally in small doses, to use a solarium, which dries and revitalizes the skin. You should also not give up sports and visit the gym from time to time. By following these simple rules persistently and constantly, you yourself will notice that your skin has become much better and healthier. After all, the main secret of her health lies in the constancy of care and the right lifestyle.

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