How To Update Your Image In Spring

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How To Update Your Image In Spring
How To Update Your Image In Spring

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The renewal of nature in the spring, as a rule, causes a desire for their own changes and improvements. A change of image is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to cheer yourself up, attract the attention of others and see new facets of life.

How to update your image in spring
How to update your image in spring


  • - money;
  • - new clothes;
  • - cosmetics;
  • - cream with self-tanning;
  • - hairdresser services.


Step 1

Start preparing for spring early. Lose 2-3 extra pounds by lightening your diet and starting to do a set of exercises. Apply a self-tanning cream several times a week to relieve winter pallor and give your skin a healthier look. Such changes will give you self-confidence and become the basis for further changes in your image.

Step 2

Pay attention to your hair, as it can be a key element of your new look. Regularly apply nourishing and moisturizing masks to help restore the shine and elasticity of your hair that were lost during the winter. If you don't want to drastically change your haircut, just visit the hairdresser and add a few new elements to your usual hairstyle. Refresh your hair color and do biolamination: mirror shine, and smoothness is guaranteed for you.

Step 3

Conduct a wardrobe audit. Set aside cozy and warm winter clothes until next season. Choose only those that can be part of a spring wardrobe, such as basic dark trousers or a tight, tight pencil skirt. Do not use those items of clothing that you associate with the past winter, regardless of their texture.

Step 4

Pick a few new wardrobe items. Give preference to light, fresh tones. Feel free to experiment with combinations and vibrant hues. Be sure to include accessories in your shopping plan: a colorful scarf or an original bag will set the tone for the whole look.

Step 5

Change your makeup. Try brighter lipsticks, shimmery eyeshadows, and a subtle pink blush. If your activity does not imply strict restrictions in appearance, get a bright manicure and try a new scent. Little things like this will make your spring look complete and make you feel completely new.

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