How To Wash A Mink Hat

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How To Wash A Mink Hat
How To Wash A Mink Hat

Video: How To Wash A Mink Hat

Video: How To Wash A Mink Hat
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Mink hats have long gone out of fashion, however, most of the elderly still prefer not to change their traditions and wear these furs in severe frosts. Most of these hats have been worn by people for many years, but not everyone knows how to wash a mink hat and bring the product to its original impeccable appearance, because mink requires individual, delicate and reverent care.

How to wash a mink hat
How to wash a mink hat


wool brush, bran, talcum powder and a clean foam sponge


Step 1

Take the product and hang (lay) it to dry for two to three hours. This can be done directly in the house on the balcony or in the room by arranging a draft in it. Take a ventilated fur hat and knock it out with gentle blows to knock out the accumulated dust.

Move your hand over the pile, giving it the correct shape after knocking out.

Step 2

Place the bran in a saucepan and heat, stirring thoroughly. Remember, the bran should be well warmed up, but not burnt under any circumstances.

Step 3

Start cleaning the product. Place the product on a table and sprinkle with hot bran.

Leave it on for a few minutes.

Step 4

Rub the pile of the cap back and forth with your hand. It is important to remember that in no case should the skin of the fur fabric get wet. The bran should only be placed on top of the product.

Comb the fur with a brush.

Step 5

Leave the hat in the air for a while. Take talcum powder. Sprinkle it on the hat and rub it gently into the fur, rubbing all over the hair. These actions must be performed only after the product has completely dried from the bran steam.

Brush the product, carefully beating out all the talcum powder.

Step 6

Poke the hat out again by shaking it in the fresh air. Run a sponge over the fur to get the pile in the right direction. As for the lining of mink hats, it is best to replace the old one with a new one, since washing this part of the cap can damage the skin of the product and ruin the entire headdress.

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