How To Clean A White Sheepskin Coat

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How To Clean A White Sheepskin Coat
How To Clean A White Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Clean A White Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Clean A White Sheepskin Coat
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After the winter season is over, we begin to hide our outerwear away in the closet. At this moment, we can notice that during wearing, dirt and stains appeared on the sheepskin coat, its appearance became dull. This is especially true for white sheepskin coats, on which even a small speck of dirt can be seen with the naked eye. But it is worth running and throwing out an expensive thing - professionals or folk remedies will help you clean the sheepskin coat.

How to clean a white sheepskin coat
How to clean a white sheepskin coat


  • - starch;
  • - semolina;
  • - gasoline;
  • - gauze or soft cloth;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - soft and hard brushes;
  • - dentifrice;
  • - stationery eraser;
  • - ammonia.


Step 1

Contact a dry cleaner. Here you will be helped to remove dirt, oily stains and return things to their former beauty. But not everyone takes up cleaning white sheepskin coats. Check if this dry cleaner has the necessary equipment and means for professional cleaning of such products. If not, then the result of their work can only be giving the sheepskin coat a brighter color, but the spots will remain in place. Pay attention to the tag on the sheepskin coat. Some may indicate that dry cleaning of the product is prohibited.

Step 2

Sprinkle semolina or starch on a fresh spot on the skin. It will absorb oil and moisture without lightening the skin or leaving streaks. Never use salt. It is suitable for fabric products, while salt will only spoil the skin.

Step 3

Use a stationery eraser. It will help get rid of non-greasy stains on a white sheepskin coat. Clean dry dirt first with a hard dry brush. Then take a soft brush, dampen it in the soapy water and gently scrub the stain of dirt. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment. Some old stains can be removed with gauze soaked in gasoline. This method is not suitable for all skin types. First, try the effect of gasoline on a small area on the inside of the sheepskin coat. If the skin is not damaged, then you can start cleaning.

Step 4

Buy a professional cleaner for white sheepskin coats from your local fur and leather retailer. This will save you a lot of time and be a safer option for your skin. Unfortunately, such products for fair skin are very difficult to find.

Step 5

Clean greasy areas around pockets, collars and sleeve cuffs with a hard rubber brush. In this case, a mixture of tooth powder and a small amount of ammonia is applied to the stain, and then gently clean the area with a brush.

Step 6

Dry the sheepskin coat after cleaning. Lay the sheepskin coat on a flat surface. Knead it with your hands on all sides so that the skin does not become a stake and does not stiffen.