How To Hem A Sheepskin Coat

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How To Hem A Sheepskin Coat
How To Hem A Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Hem A Sheepskin Coat

Video: How To Hem A Sheepskin Coat
Video: How to Hem a Fur Coat by Hand. Fur Technique Tutorial 2023, April

Has your old sheepskin coat lost its appearance, is the model out of fashion, or is it just bored? It is easy to shorten it, thus turning it into a new and convenient product. And you can hem it both manually and with a sewing machine.

How to hem a sheepskin coat
How to hem a sheepskin coat


  • - a razor blade or scalpel;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - a needle;
  • - strong threads;
  • - thimble;
  • - sewing machine.


Step 1

Determine how much you want to shorten the sheepskin coat. Put it on the person whose thing you will be hemming and dressing, that is, mark the length of the product from the floor. If you want to sew a piece for yourself, then ask someone close to help you.

Step 2

Draw the cutting line along the front side of the sheepskin coat using tailor's chalk or remnant, after finishing work it will be easy to wipe it off with a brush or slightly damp sponge for washing dishes.

Step 3

Place the product on a flat surface and cut along the marked line with a razor or scalpel. You can use a knife for this, but it must be very sharp. Try not to touch the fur on the seamy side. Separate the pile with your hands.

Step 4

Carefully remove any fluff from the fur that has been damaged by the blade. To make sure the hem is not very thick, trim the fur along the cut. The best way to do this is to use a hair clipper or cut with sharp scissors.

Step 5

Fold the cut back to the wrong side and sew on the sewing machine with a double stitch. However, this is unlikely to be done on modern household machines, since it is difficult to process fur and leather on them, but if you have an old mechanical Singer machine, then you will be able to cope with this task, you just need to put a needle # 110 or 120.

Step 6

You can also hem the sheepskin coat by hand. Spread it out on a flat surface. Fold the cut to the wrong side and sew with a blind stitch or a "Goat" seam. Use a thimble when working, as it is rather difficult to pierce the skin with a needle.

Step 7

To make the hem look neat, iron the seam through gauze or other cotton fabric folded in several layers. The hem can be decorated by covering the seam, with a leather strap, braid, beading or making an applique from the remnants of fur. In this case, your sheepskin coat will become exclusive.

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