How To Return A Defective Fur Coat

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How To Return A Defective Fur Coat
How To Return A Defective Fur Coat

Video: How To Return A Defective Fur Coat

Video: How To Return A Defective Fur Coat
Video: Repairing a Rip or Hole on Fur Coats. How to Mend Defects in Fur Pelts 2023, April

When making a purchase, especially a large one, we expect that we will use it for a long time and with pleasure. However, how often do we experience disappointment that the purchased item turns out to be defective. This also applies to things that women love dearly and faithfully, fur coats.

How to return a defective fur coat
How to return a defective fur coat


  • You will need:
  • - to write an application;
  • - independent expertise;
  • - legal assistance.


Step 1

When choosing a natural fur coat, pay attention to the condition of the fur and the quality of tailoring. The fur should have a dense undercoat, shiny and uniform. The product should not have bald patches, hairs should not fall out, the inner side of the skin (flesh) should not be too dry or very thin, and it should also be white, not yellow. Run your hand over the fur against the fur - no hairs should remain on it. Remember the edge of the fur coat - it should be soft enough.

Look under the lining of the fur coat. Manufacturers who have nothing to hide do not sew up the bottom seam on the hem, so you can always appreciate how neatly the fur coat is sewn. The seams should be even, there should be absolutely no holes in the skins, the skins, even if the fur coat is sewn using the “loosening” method, should be uniform.

So, you bought a fur coat, and it turned out to be defective. In order to return it to the store, you need to take a few simple steps.

Step 2

When buying a fur coat, be sure to take and keep for the entire warranty period the check, warranty card and other receipts that will be given to you in the store. If you have to return your fur coat, this will greatly facilitate your return process.

Step 3

After finding a defect, go to the store immediately and write a return statement. It is pointless to make claims in words - you will not help yourself with this. A bona fide seller will be satisfied with an application and presentation of checks. If the seller is unscrupulous and starts delaying the refund, take the next step.

Step 4

Make an independent examination and attach its results to the application.

Step 5

If an unscrupulous seller tries to delay the refund again, go to a lawyer. A lawyer will help you draw up a competent application to the court and will advise you during the trial. As a result, the seller will have to refund you the money for the defective fur coat, the costs of the examination, the services of a lawyer and moral damage.

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