How To Keep Your Feet Warm

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How To Keep Your Feet Warm
How To Keep Your Feet Warm

Video: How To Keep Your Feet Warm

Video: How To Keep Your Feet Warm
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Due to frozen feet, not only a common cold can begin, but also arthritis and arthrosis, as well as inflammation of the bladder and genitals. To avoid this, you need to dress well and take care of your health.

How to keep your feet warm
How to keep your feet warm


Step 1

First of all, check the integrity of the shoes. If you have old boots with caked fur, then either change your shoes or cut out the warm insoles. In the autumn, when the weather is humid outside, make sure that your boots do not get wet. When your feet get a little damp, they begin to freeze. Shoes must be whole and seasonal, otherwise your feet will freeze and you will get sick.

Step 2

In winter, wear warm woolen socks, preferably natural wool. In this case, the shoes should be free and not squeeze the leg. If the boots are a little small, then blood circulation slows down, and because of this, the legs begin to freeze. Never wear synthetic socks, if you do not have natural, then at least wear terry.

Step 3

Do not forget to dry your boots, because slightly damp shoes can cause hypothermia of the feet. After coming from the street, place the boots closer to the radiators or dry them using a special device.

Step 4

If all else fails, and your feet continue to freeze, then pour some mustard powder into your boots. But this method of insulation can only be used if you do not have skin diseases. Do not be afraid, it will not burn, you will only begin to feel a pleasant warmth every time you go outside.

Step 5

When it's freezing weather outside, eat hot soup or drink warm tea before leaving the house. Then you will not be cold even in severe frost. In winter, try to eat well and avoid dieting.

Step 6

If not only your feet, but also your hands are cold, this may be a sign of a lack of iron in your blood. Visit the hospital for a blood test. Sometimes a course of drugs that increase hemoglobin helps. With anemia, feet are cold even when the weather is warm and dry. Take care of your health and dress according to the weather conditions.

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