How To Choose Wrinkled Clothing

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How To Choose Wrinkled Clothing
How To Choose Wrinkled Clothing

Video: How To Choose Wrinkled Clothing

Video: How To Choose Wrinkled Clothing
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Clothes made of crinkled fabric look unusual and original. Its main advantage is that there is no need to iron. There are certain rules when choosing wrinkled clothes.

Crinkled blouse
Crinkled blouse


Crinkled clothing


Step 1

Crumpled fabric tends to stretch in length and width. Therefore, it fits the figure well. However, the creases in the crinkle fabric still create a volume effect. Therefore, clothes made of such fabric look best on slender and even thin girls and women. Crinkled fabric can add puffiness where it is lacking: in the hips, chest, and so on.

Step 2

Crumpled fabric can easily highlight various flaws in the figure. For example, if you have disproportionately wide shoulders, never use the header top. This material will add bulk to the shoulders. As a last resort, you can wear a crinkled blouse under a jacket or vest. The main thing is not to create volume where the shoulder and sleeve join. If you are looking for a crinkled jacket, go for modern waist-length models. Such a jacket may have patch pockets, buttons and other decorative elements. If you have small breasts, the volume at the top will not hurt at all.

Step 3

Evening dresses made of crinkled fabric will be a real adornment for slender and tall young ladies. Such dresses should fit the figure. If the outfit has a loose fit, be sure to mark your waist with a thin and graceful belt. The owners of curvaceous forms should not wear a dress made of crumpled material with a free cut. Such an outfit will make the figure look like a shapeless bag.

Step 4

If you are small, a long crinkled dress is unlikely to adorn you. Rather, it will indeed look badly ironed. Unusual things are more suitable for those who are tall. In general, it all depends on the specific model. If you still want to wear a dress from the header, let it be plain, not patterned.

Step 5

Crumpled fabric is very popular in summer. After all, it belongs to the category of light materials. Various tunics, blousons, T-shirts will suit both slim and overweight girls. Header trousers should not be too tight for any figure. Otherwise, they will not look aesthetically pleasing. The wider the pants are, the better they will fit. If you need to hide curvy thighs, simply wear a fitted blouse that reaches mid-thigh length. Flared trousers made of crinkled fabric look very beautiful and romantic. In summer, they can be successfully combined with a T-shirt or top.

Step 6

There is such an accessory as a crinkled scarf. It suits absolutely everyone. By tying a scarf beautifully over your head, you can create elegant and new looks every day. In addition, the accessory from the header can be worn around the neck and make a beautiful knot.

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