How To Strengthen Hair In Winter

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How To Strengthen Hair In Winter
How To Strengthen Hair In Winter

Video: How To Strengthen Hair In Winter

Video: How To Strengthen Hair In Winter
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If you don't wear a hat during the winter season, prefer a perm, use a hairdryer and styling products, or subject your hair to frequent dyeing, obviously your curls need extra care. Hair also gets sick, freezes and loses vitality. And in winter, one should not only take care of the beauty and perfection of the hair, but also strengthen and nourish the hair from the inside.

How to strengthen hair in winter
How to strengthen hair in winter


Step 1

The main rule is to wear a hat in winter or put a scarf over your head. Never go outside with wet, dry hair. In sub-zero temperatures, water freezes and hair becomes brittle from any touch.

Step 2

To maintain the healthy appearance of curls in winter, it is recommended to wash your hair only in cool water. Hot water destroys the hair's natural defenses, leaving it brittle and weak. Try to give up the use of irons, hairpieces, and a hair dryer for the period of frost. The latter is allowed only in cool mode. Combs should be made from natural materials. Use a scalp brush more often - skin massage will only improve blood circulation at the hair roots and strengthen them well.

Step 3

Buy a shampoo to nourish your hair, it is better if it is specifically for winter care. This product, combined with a conditioner balm, will restore moisture to your hair. Shampoo for brittle and dry hair also has protective functions against aggressive effects of low temperatures. These products will make the curls elastic and smooth, while strengthening and strengthening the internal resources of the hair.

Step 4

Strengthen hair with nourishing masks at least once a week. These can be professional products that are available in the form of balms, creams and hair pads, or made according to folk recipes.

Step 5

Good for balancing masks with essential oils or rosemary. You can nourish your hair with onion juice, it is also effective against hair loss. To do this, squeeze 1-2 onions and rub the juice into the roots of the hair and scalp, wrap your head with a terry towel, rinse with shampoo after an hour.

Step 6

Use ordinary yogurt, which has long been considered a healing agent. Rub this natural dairy product into your scalp and rinse off after an hour with cool water.

Step 7

To overcome winter fragility and dullness of hair, various herbs will help to strengthen them. Rinse your hair with infusions of nettle, heart-leaved linden, decoction of birch leaves or onion husks. And your shock of hair will regain its shiny and healthy look.

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