How To Clean Salt From Suede Boots

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How To Clean Salt From Suede Boots
How To Clean Salt From Suede Boots

Video: How To Clean Salt From Suede Boots

Video: How To Clean Salt From Suede Boots
Video: How to clean the salt off Suede Boots 2023, April

Suede shoes look very attractive. Boots made of this type of leather are warm, soft, but at the same time they perfectly let the air through. However, many experts and manufacturers advise not to wear such shoes in rainy weather or during the winter thaw, because suede gets wet and dirty very quickly. In urban conditions, white streaks quickly appear on it from salt, which is sprinkled on roads and sidewalks. But if you can't give up your favorite boots, simple tips will help you keep their original look longer.

How to clean salt from suede boots
How to clean salt from suede boots


  • - newspapers for drying shoes;
  • - mild soap;
  • - two soft sponges;
  • - a brush for cleaning suede;
  • - a comb for suede;
  • - colored and water-repellent suede sprays.


Step 1

Dry your shoes. When you get home, stuff your boots with crumpled newspapers to absorb the moisture. Never dry suede shoes near batteries or other heat sources. This can cause deformation of the skin, it becomes hard and quickly loses its attractive appearance.

Step 2

Clean your boots. To do this, take a special brush with flexible fibers in the form of a mesh. This brush will allow you to remove most of the salt and dirt from your shoes. You can also work on the stained areas with a suede eraser.

Step 3

Boil the kettle and steam the suede boots. The hot, humid air straightens the lint of the suede to help you clean it better. To do this, place the part of the shoe you need to the spout of the kettle so that the steam can treat the entire contaminated area.

Step 4

Remove white salt streaks with soapy water. To prepare it, take a little mild soap without dyes or any reagents. It is better not to use washing powder, as it can damage both the color and structure of the skin. Soak a soft sponge in warm water, lather with soap and start cleaning your shoes. Lather the soiled areas very gently and then remove the foam with a clean sponge. You can also clean the dirt with a cloth soaked in a solution of water and ammonia. Put your shoes back to dry.

Step 5

Once dry, brush the boots with a suede brush. Then apply a color spray to restore your skin color. Also use a water repellent spray. Thanks to its formula, it will create an invisible layer that will further protect your shoes from moisture, dirt and road salt. You need to apply water repellents a few hours before going outside, so it's best to do this in the evening.

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