How To Take Part In A Beauty Contest

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How To Take Part In A Beauty Contest
How To Take Part In A Beauty Contest

Video: How To Take Part In A Beauty Contest

Video: How To Take Part In A Beauty Contest
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Beauty contests came to Russia 23 years ago, and since then, of course, a lot has changed. The bright smack of crime in organizing and holding the event has disappeared, the contests have pulled up to world standards, as eloquently evidenced by the successes of Russian women at the Miss World and Miss Universe sites. How to get into this shining, glamorous world.

How to take part in a beauty contest
How to take part in a beauty contest


  • - 3 or more digital photos (preferably a participant's studio portfolio);
  • - personal data of the participant (the questionnaire can be found on the website of the competition you are interested in).


Step 1

Start preparing for the competition well before the start of the qualifying rounds. Develop perfect posture, smooth gait. Very rarely, girls who do not meet the 90-60-90 model standards are allowed to participate in such events, so you will have to sweat in the gym and revise your diet. Also monitor the condition of your skin and hair. A future beauty queen cannot have dry or overly greasy skin, split hair, or dandruff.

Step 2

Make a small portfolio in a professional photography studio. You should not send group photos or the most successful, in your opinion, photo sessions from a mobile phone to the jury. High-quality professional photos will favorably emphasize your merits, skillfully hide possible shortcomings and prove the seriousness of your intentions to the election commission.

Step 3

Pay attention to the study of etiquette and improve your general level of education. Modern beauty contests evaluate not only the appearance, but also the ability to present oneself correctly, demonstrate one's intellectual and creative abilities, expressiveness of speech and originality. The queen must meet the highest requirements.

Step 4

Go to the site of the beauty contest you are interested in and fill out the participant's questionnaire. Answer the questions as honestly as possible, because any inaccuracies in the data you provided will still be clarified during the further course of the competition.

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