How To Make An Appointment With A Hairdresser

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How To Make An Appointment With A Hairdresser
How To Make An Appointment With A Hairdresser

Video: How To Make An Appointment With A Hairdresser

Video: How To Make An Appointment With A Hairdresser
Video: How to make an appointment for a client in an hairdressing salon 2023, April

When a woman changes her hairstyle, she changes her life. A well-chosen haircut and hair color can transform a girl beyond recognition. Good craftsmen are worth their weight in gold and their contacts are passed on by word of mouth. An unsuccessful haircut can spoil the mood of its owner for a long time and it will not be easy to correct the situation. How can you not remember an old joke: "Sitting down in the hairdresser's chair, she did not think that after the words" in short ", the longest hair on her head would be eyebrows …"

How to make an appointment with a hairdresser
How to make an appointment with a hairdresser


Step 1

To avoid such disappointments, carefully consider the choice of your master. Ask your friends and acquaintances whose services they use if the condition and color of the hair on their head suits you. Look at the reviews of hairdressers in the thematic forums.

Step 2

Choose specific masters of their craft, not salons. If you liked the manicure and massage at the spa, you may not be sure that haircuts are also good there. Ask the administrator which master has the most queue. There are no good specialists without work.

Step 3

If a good hairdresser has been recommended to you, do not rush to make an appointment by phone. Better come to the salon where he works and meet in person. Evaluate the look of the hair master. You may not be close to his hairstyle in spirit, but you can always determine by eye the condition of the hair, the difficulty of cutting and dyeing. If the stylist has a washcloth on his head instead of hair, run away from such craftsmen.

Step 4

Feel free to ask the master about his qualifications. Ask how many years he has been working and what techniques he has. Ask for diplomas, certificates and awards in hairdressing competitions. If a specialist develops, he will surely have such. A good master will definitely show you a photo of his work and tell you about himself.

Step 5

Remember, the services of a skilled, talented hairdresser cannot be cheap. A real specialist will not work with cheap paints and instruments of dubious origin, and always chooses to cooperate with several well-known manufacturers. But you can still save money. The services of a top stylist usually cost several times more than the work of his students. In addition, such a master will have a queue for several months in advance. Most likely, his students are already quite experienced masters, and they have not yet begun to suffer from star fever. Their services will cost you significantly less.

Step 6

When signing up for a new master, ask him about the nuances of the work ahead and offer your vision. An experienced hairdresser will be sure to ask you about your lifestyle, work, and previous hair dyeing experience. It will help you choose not only a new look that suits your skin color and face shape, but also the rhythm of life.

Step 7

Explain clearly to the master what you want. The phrase "do it what I like" will confuse even a good specialist and lead to the most unexpected result. Show the hairdresser in the magazine in the photo what exactly you want to get on your head in the end. Do not insist if the master says that it will not work for you. Either he's right and your hair doesn't match your chosen hairstyle, or he's not qualified enough to make your dream come true. In any case, the result will not please you.

Step 8

It is worth heeding the advice of the master if he says that the coloring you have chosen will ruin your hair or lead you to an unexpected color. The hairdresser is still not a god and color has its own rules. Sometimes, it will take time and several procedures to achieve the desired result.

Step 9

Do not forget to evaluate your psychological compatibility with the stylist. It will be difficult for you to trust the person whose behavior annoys you. In this case, you will not be happy with the result, even if the work is done flawlessly.

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