How To Cut With A Clipper

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How To Cut With A Clipper
How To Cut With A Clipper

Video: How To Cut With A Clipper

Video: How To Cut With A Clipper
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A man's visit to a hairdresser is often postponed regularly for many reasons. Everyone knows about the existence of a free sale of hair clippers, but many do not purchase it for a simple reason - they do not know how to cut hair with it.

How to cut with a clipper
How to cut with a clipper


Step 1

Prepare the area where you will cut your hair. Of course, not on a carpet or carpeting, it is almost impossible to remove fine hair from it. If you are at home and a loved one cuts you, take off all your clothes (you can leave your swimming trunks). Otherwise, ask to cover your shoulders with something like the "cover" that is usually covered in a hairdresser.

Step 2

Decide on the length of the hair, with the general shape of the haircut - then adjust the attachments on the typewriter. As a rule, modern cars have nozzles up to 10 mm.

Step 3

Sit so that your head is evenly lit, otherwise the cast shadows will do their dirty work. You can sit on a stool right under the chandelier.

Step 4

Determine the height of your short hair on the sides and back. Use a shorter attachment to trim the hair to this border, starting up from the bottom of the clipper. So you need to cut with a machine all over the head.

Step 5

Adjust the attachment to the length of hair you want on top. Or, if you want longer hair on top, use scissors and a comb. Cut your hair at the top.

Step 6

Set the nozzle to an intermediate position - the middle between the first and second cases. A clear transition is visible on the head, formed by hair of different lengths - around the entire head, just along the border to which you raised the machine. Move the machine along this visible border, achieving a smooth transition.

Step 7

Remove the attachment completely. The clipper without the attachment works like a razor if you hold it with the back side. You don't need to shave, you need to make a neat edging (like in the army). Just do not forget to bend your ears with your free hand, the machine can cut delicate skin. After such a haircut, the edging with the blade is not needed.

Step 8

Now go to the bathroom and take a close look at your head. If something does not suit you, it is better to fix it right away.

Step 9

After completing the haircut, be sure to take a bath, as do not shake off small hair with a towel. Of course, if you undressed. If not, wash your hair and enjoy your new home.

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