Beautiful Daily Makeup In 10 Minutes

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Beautiful Daily Makeup In 10 Minutes
Beautiful Daily Makeup In 10 Minutes

Video: Beautiful Daily Makeup In 10 Minutes

Video: Beautiful Daily Makeup In 10 Minutes
Video: 10 Min Makeup Look| Office Makeup Under 10 Min | Quick Everyday Makeup Look| Alankrit Beauty 2023, December

Beautiful makeup adorns any woman. Makeup is a must-have addition to your daily look. It takes very little time to make beautiful makeup. With a daily workout, you will learn to do it for 10 minutes.

Beautiful daily makeup in 10 minutes
Beautiful daily makeup in 10 minutes


  • - Foundation
  • - blush
  • - powder
  • - shadows of two shades
  • - lipstick
  • - ink


Step 1

Face tone. To keep the makeup on the face all day, we apply the base to the prepared skin. Apply a day cream during your morning routine, while your skin is soaked in with the cream. Blot excess with a tissue and apply tone. Apply the foundation with a sponge, not with your hands. This will allow the tone to be applied evenly. In addition, it will significantly reduce the application time. Apply the powder on top with a wide brush, it is better to use a loose powder. Here you can not be afraid to overdo it, the excess will not be visible. Choose a blush for daily makeup in light shades: soft pink, peach. Apply as a comma to the cheekbones.

Step 2

Eyes. Choose two shades for a quick daily look. One light is the main one. Another shade is dark, with which you will draw small arrows. For example, dark gray, dark blue, dark brown. Apply a light shadow on the upper movable and lower eyelids. Necessarily on the inner corner of the eye. Then take a handy applicator or a special short-haired brush to draw lines. The right brush will make your arrows straight, and you will spend only a couple of minutes of time. We type dark shadows on the brush and draw an arrow on the upper eyelid near the eyelashes, we make a thickening to the outer corner of the eye. We bring the lower eyelid to the middle of the eye with the same shadows. Finish off with a little mascara. The eye makeup will turn out to be very beautiful. Thanks to the arrows, the eyes will be bright until the evening.

Step 3

Lips. For daily makeup, use lipstick shades that are not very bright. Very pale lipstick shades require a pencil eyeliner. Therefore, it is better to choose a lipstick of medium brightness. It can be applied without a pencil. Plus, it will add extra freshness to your morning makeup.