Beautiful Hairstyles For Girls

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Beautiful Hairstyles For Girls
Beautiful Hairstyles For Girls

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Hairstyles for girls are just as important as a well-groomed and tidy appearance of the face or clothing. These hairstyles do not have to be done every day, and therefore the young princess can spend much less time on herself. This will allow you to distribute your free time for other interesting activities and games.

Beautiful hairstyles for girls
Beautiful hairstyles for girls


  • - hairpins,
  • - hairbrush,
  • - brush,
  • - scissors,
  • - curling iron.


Step 1

Hairstyle for girls with very short hair without parting. Moisten and style with a fine comb. Wait until it dries naturally. Comb with a brush.

Step 2

Hairstyle for girls with a straight part. After dividing the hair into a parting, fasten 2-3 hairpins on each side at different heights. Comb each curl separately.

Step 3

Part on the left. Twist the strands on the left side up and secure with two hairpins, on the right - down and secure with three hairpins.

Step 4

Make the girl's hairstyle for long hair, cut straight with scissors. Make a parting on the right and leave a small - in one strand - bangs. On the left, twist three strands up and fasten at the same level, on the right - down and also at the same level. Remove the hairpins when your hair is dry, after a couple of hours. Comb so that the hair is solid.

Step 5

Long hair can be combed from the forehead towards the back of the head without parting. Twist the side strands into vertical curls and secure. Twist the ponytail into two vertical curls.

Step 6

For long hair, twist one lock on both sides of the face. Cut a small strand at the parting and twist it vertically.

Step 7

Cut the strands framing the face a little shorter than the rest of the hair. Wrap the “tail” with a leather strap, a bow or a thin braid from a part of the hair.

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