Anti-cellulite Wrap With Papaverine

Anti-cellulite Wrap With Papaverine
Anti-cellulite Wrap With Papaverine

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Most often, honey, clay, seaweed and chocolate are used to prepare anti-cellulite wraps, but there is another wonderful ingredient, which, unfortunately, is not so well known. This is papaverine. He is able not only to save you from the hated "orange peel" and put your skin in order, but also remove excess volumes in the buttocks and thighs.

Anti-cellulite wrap with papaverine
Anti-cellulite wrap with papaverine

Papaverine is available over the counter. Usually, this drug is used for injection, but its use is not limited to this. Papaverine, being a part of wraps, removes toxins and excess fluid from the body, and also makes the skin velvety and smooth.

To prepare an anti-cellulite wrap, you need to take 2 ampoules of papaverine and caffeine. Mix the ingredients and add a small amount of honey. The consistency of the product should be easy to apply.

Before the procedure, you need to prepare the skin with a scrub. It will remove dead cells, which will allow the anti-cellulite composition to penetrate deeper into the skin and start active action there.

Start applying the composition. Spread it evenly over problem areas, wrap the body with cling film and wrap yourself in a blanket. Some women prefer to wear a warm tracksuit and exercise. The product should be kept on the skin for 1 hour and then washed off with warm water.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure every other day. A full course of anti-cellulite wraps is about 12 sessions.

You can get creative and add various components to the composition for wrapping, for example, citrus essential oils, cosmetic clay, seaweed extracts.

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