How To Choose Clothes Laura Donati

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How To Choose Clothes Laura Donati
How To Choose Clothes Laura Donati

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When buying clothes in a store, you can easily try them on and see whether they suit you or not. But today more and more purchases are made through online stores or catalogs, when you simply do not have the opportunity to try on a thing before buying it. However, the lower cost of goods purchased remotely outweighs the inconvenience of choice and inability to measure them. But this issue can be solved quite simply.

How to choose clothes Laura Donati
How to choose clothes Laura Donati


  • You will need:
  • - catalog "Laura Donati";
  • - a computer with Internet access.


Step 1

The Laura Donati catalog can be obtained by ordering it completely free of charge on the website or by calling +7 (495) 783-54-84.

Step 2

Leafing through the catalog, please note that for each model there is a fairly complete description with a possible comment about which figure this model is suitable for.

Step 3

There is also advice from the creator of the catalog, Laura Donati, to facilitate selection on almost every spread in a heart-shaped frame.

Step 4

To determine the size suitable for you, the catalog includes the section “What size should you order?”. You just have to take measurements, enter them in the empty fields for filling and determine your Russian size. Please note that Russian sizes are indicated in the Laura Donati catalog.

Step 5

If you still doubt whether this or that thing will suit you, then you can go to the website, find your favorite thing in the electronic catalog and watch the video of the model from the catwalk. Despite the fact that not all models have a video, you can still watch other products in motion. In most cases, you will be able to find a video for a product if it is a new product or a bestseller in Europe.

Step 6

On the site, be sure to read the section "figure features" (, in which you will find recommendations on the cut of clothing in relation to your type of figure.

Step 7

Having decided on the cut of clothes, you can try to find models with this cut in the catalog on the site and order it exactly.

Step 8

A real fitting of the thing will also help when it is delivered. Remember that you can return the product within 14 days if it does not suit you.

Step 9

And lastly, follow the posts on the blog "Laura Donati" ( and in groups on social networks ( This will help you stay up to date with all events, recommendations and trends in the fashion world.

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