How To Choose An Electric Manicure Set

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How To Choose An Electric Manicure Set
How To Choose An Electric Manicure Set

Video: How To Choose An Electric Manicure Set

Video: How To Choose An Electric Manicure Set
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Human hands have always been the focus of attention. Well-groomed hands with neat nails evoke pleasant, respectful impressions of a person. Household appliance manufacturers make it easier for both men and women to care for their nails, fingers and toes.

How to choose an electric manicure set
How to choose an electric manicure set


Step 1

Choose a set that suits you in terms of configuration. Electric manicure sets can include fans, "vacuum cleaners", UV lamps for drying the gel. Nozzles made in the form of discs and rollers have different degrees of rigidity and roughness.

Step 2

Do not chase a set with a large number (more than ten) of attachments. Half of these attachments duplicate each other and are not of high quality. The set may contain the following attachments: tapered nail files, for removing calluses, discs for nails, for polishing. Some kits contain cones for removing skin on the soles of the feet, tips for removing calluses and ingrown toenails.

Step 3

Look at the quality of the attachments. If the bits are made of mild steel, the instruments will quickly become blunt. In cheap models, the tips are loose in the grooves and become unsuitable for fine processing of the nail plate. Sets are available with nozzles, which have a sapphire or diamond coating, which does not wear out and does not damage the skin of the hands and nails.

Step 4

Choose kits with high motor power and RPM. In models with 1500 rpm, with strong pressure on the artificial nail, the machine will slow down or stop - burrs will appear, vibration and unpleasant noise may appear during operation. With a power of more than 5 thousand revolutions, such troubles do not happen.

Step 5

Do not select battery powered models. They have enough capacity for one manicure; for a pedicure, the device must be recharged.

Step 6

Pay attention to the presence of a reverse in the device, when the cutter rotates in the direct and opposite directions, which is very convenient when filing nails.

Step 7

Before buying a set, think about which speed control is more suitable - smooth or stepped. With infinitely variable speed control, you can quickly select the desired speed for a specific operation. However, if you accidentally press the toggle switch, if the speed is too high, the disc can damage the skin around the nail plate.

Step 8

Decide on the quality of your electrical kit. The stores offer a wide range of manicure sets for professional, semi-professional and household use.

Step 9

Be patient and do not despair - very few people can master the device the first time. Small cuts and unevenly finished nails may appear.

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