How To Choose Cosmetics For The Face

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How To Choose Cosmetics For The Face
How To Choose Cosmetics For The Face
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Choosing facial cosmetics is not an easy task. Despite the variety of brands of cosmetics, you need to be able to choose exactly the one that will be most effective and at the same time safe for your skin type.

How to choose cosmetics for the face
How to choose cosmetics for the face


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Step 1

To choose cosmetics for your face, follow these guidelines. The first principle is to choose cosmetics only from trusted manufacturers. Do not buy face products from little-known or unknown brands, despite the tempting advertising and low price. The second principle - when choosing cosmetics, be careful about the composition, check it for the presence of allergenic components. When using a new brand, test the product on a small area of ​​skin first to make sure there is no allergic reaction. The third principle is to select cosmetics for your face in accordance with such factors as climatic conditions, your skin type, your age. Skin is young (up to 25 years old), mature (up to 35 years old) and aging (after 35 years old).

Step 2

If you are a happy owner of young skin, you should not use anti-aging cosmetics. If you suffer from youthful acne and acne, choose products with a bactericidal effect. Use your regular moisturizers, the same ones, day and night. Place the main emphasis on moisturizing and cleansing. Cleansing should be regular. You should not get carried away with cleansing and peeling, since young skin is sensitive and thin.

Step 3

If you have mature skin, you need to choose products that actively moisturize and nourish it. After cleansing, tone the skin with a toner and then apply a nourishing cream. Nourishing creams are supposed to stimulate collagen production. Apply an evening nourishing cream at night, and a day cream in the morning. Do not use anti-aging products yet, they will be more harmful than helpful. Pay attention to the skin around the eyes, moisturize it with special gels.

Step 4

If you have aging skin, use cosmetic milk or cream for gentle cleansing, and choose a nourishing cream based on the presence of active biological components in it. Use anti-aging serums. Also regularly do masks with anti-aging complexes.

Step 5

Determine your skin type. Facial skin is healthy, dry, oily and mixed. If you have oily skin, you cannot do without alcohol-based cosmetics, as fat dissolving is necessary. Cleanse the skin with a special milk, then wipe with a toner and apply a nourishing cream for oily skin.

Step 6

If you have dry skin, use moisturizers as often as possible. Choose cosmetic milk for cleansing, for nutrition - special products for dry skin. If you have mixed skin, apply a nourishing cream for oily skin to the T-zone, and a product for dry skin on the rest of your face.

Step 7

Pay attention to the time of year - different seasons require different skin care. If it's winter outside, use an alcohol-free toner when cleansing your face so as not to dry out your skin. Apply a protective nourishing cream and ditch moisturizers. In the hot season, on the other hand, cleanse and moisturize your skin more often, and also use products with UV protection. Do not use products containing fruit acids as they increase the sensitivity to radiation.

Step 8

In order not to be mistaken in choosing cosmetics for the face and to more accurately determine your skin type, contact a professional cosmetologist.

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