What Face Cream To Use In The Summer

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What Face Cream To Use In The Summer
What Face Cream To Use In The Summer
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In summer, your skin needs special care to help protect it. All experts recommend changing the face cream first of all by the summer. After all, it is the skin of the face that is most susceptible to the negative effects of the sun.

face cream
face cream

Choosing a cream for summer

Since the sun dries out very delicate skin on the face, it is necessary to moisturize it throughout the day. Moisturizers contain a large amount of water, which can accumulate in the upper layer of the epidermis. Thus, a protective barrier is created that prevents overdrying of the skin.

Ultraviolet light is especially harmful to the skin, which accelerates the aging process, promotes the formation of pigmentation. to avoid such negative consequences, it is worth choosing a cream containing UV filters. This wonderful component will significantly reduce the influence of sunlight. Experts recommend starting to use a cream with a UV filter as early as spring, when the first intense rays of the sun appear.

Some women find that UV filters in creams prevent a beautiful tan. However, this is just a myth. Even with the use of such a cream, the skin of the face will tan, only the negative effects of the sun will be minimized.

Before buying a day cream for summer, you need to carefully study the composition. If fruit acids are present in the composition, then such cosmetics should be avoided. After all, it is fruit acids that, under the influence of summer sunlight, can contribute to irritation and the appearance of allergic reactions.

But the night cream must contain vitamins C and E, as well as antioxidants. These components will help the skin to recover after a day's stress, make it fresh and youthful.

Choosing a cream for the skin of the eyelids

Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, it often suffers from moisture loss in the first place. But during the heat, swelling is very often formed on the lower eyelids, because all the moisture accumulates there. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to creams with a cooling effect. They will perfectly refresh my skin, remove excess moisture, and relieve swelling.

Do not forget about the UV filter in the eye cream. after all, the sun does not spare this thin skin.

It is better to choose a summer cream from the same series that a woman uses in winter. Then allergic reactions are excluded, and the skin does not need time to adapt.

And most importantly, no cream will fully protect the skin if it is incorrect to cleanse it before applying it and neglect the toner. It is better if the entire complex of skin care for the face and eyelids is from one manufacturer. All this will provide the skin with full hydration, will not allow it to age under the rays of the sun.

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