How Is Hyaluronic Acid Used

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How Is Hyaluronic Acid Used
How Is Hyaluronic Acid Used

Video: How Is Hyaluronic Acid Used

Video: How Is Hyaluronic Acid Used
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Hyaluronic acid has an amazing property: one of its molecules is able to attract water molecules with a total mass of a thousand times their own weight. This substance can often be found in creams, masks, serums and even injections.

How is hyaluronic acid used
How is hyaluronic acid used


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Hyaluronic acid is one of the best products to help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It maintains skin elasticity by filling the gaps between elastin and collagen molecules. As a result, the cell fibers retain their correct shape, tone and firmness. In addition, the water balance of the skin is normalized.

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Hyaluronic acid was first used in Japan in 1982. The Pola cosmetic brand reduced the size of the acid molecules in order to achieve deeper penetration. The substance was added to the lotion and then to the serum. When evaluating the effectiveness, it was found that these products moisturize the skin better and restore metabolic processes.

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Modern manufacturers produce high and low molecular weight products with hyaluronic acid. The former penetrate deep into the skin, while the latter create the thinnest water film on the surface. Hyaluronic cosmetics can be used daily as anti-aging products. For young skin, a two-month course is quite enough, followed by a break of six months.

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Hyaluronic acid is most commonly used in creams, masks, and facial lotions. Its molecules penetrate the skin along with moisturizers and retain moisture. It is recommended to include such funds in your daily care from the age of 30, it is at this time that the skin begins to lose its elastic properties, which leads to its wilting, dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles. To improve the anti-aging effect, choose products that also contain collagen, lecithin, elastin, keratin, coenzyme Q10. Hyaluronic acid is added to the composition of sunscreens, because under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the skin loses moisture very quickly.

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Hyaluronic acid injections are the most effective way to rejuvenate your skin. The first method involves injections with minimal doses around the entire perimeter of the face. Its goal is general skin rejuvenation, improvement of complexion, hydration. In the second method, the beautician fills deep wrinkles with acid. As a result, facial skin becomes smoother and more elastic. The resulting effect lasts from 3 to 5 months.

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Chemical peeling with glycolic acids is popular among lovers of cosmetic procedures. Under the influence of aggressive chemicals, the skin begins to "defend itself", including its own production of hyaluronic acid, improving the metabolism in cells. It is recommended to carry out such a peeling with a two-month course once a year.