Non-standard Use Of Conventional Cosmetics

Non-standard Use Of Conventional Cosmetics
Non-standard Use Of Conventional Cosmetics

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Few people know that most cosmetics are created on the basis of the same components. The lion's share of funds is more related to the marketing ploy. So, in fact, there is no such great need for a huge number of different "jars-flasks".

Non-standard use of conventional cosmetics
Non-standard use of conventional cosmetics

Baby cream

intended for the care of delicate baby skin.

What is good for children is good for adults. So, baby cream can be safely replaced with hand and foot creams, as well as a moisturizer after a shower. And baby oil is an excellent tanning agent.

Hand lotion

moisturizes and softens the skin of the hands.

Hurray! softens and smoothes unruly hair. So forget about expensive hair serums, there is a decent alternative - hand lotion! Simply apply a drop of the product to the palm of your hand and distribute through your hair. They will become obedient, and the problem with dry hair will go away by itself.

Lip balm

Softens the skin of the lips, it is also a good base for lipstick.

Softens nail cuticles. But for this, the balm must be colorless.

Hair conditioner

Softens hair, makes it manageable.

The conditioner makes an excellent hair cream. Literally rub a drop over your palms and apply it to your hair - this way it will fit your hair better and will not become electrified. Oddly enough, hair conditioner is a great substitute for shaving gel. Apply it lightly on your underarms, legs or bikini line and off you go! The skin will be smooth and silky.


teeth cleaning

Few people know, but ordinary toothpaste dries out small pimples perfectly. Just apply a little of the product on the area of ​​inflammation and by the morning there will be nothing left from the nasty pimple. If suddenly your nails turn yellow, then toothpaste, better whitening, will come in handy. If you don't have one at hand, then add a drop of lemon juice to the paste. This procedure will not only whiten your nails, but also restore their natural shine.

And sometimes you can do without cosmetics altogether. Some products that can be found in every home can be used to take care of your appearance:

  • baking soda may well replace a skin scrub;
  • the bruise will go away faster if you apply a vinegar compress;
  • beer with vinegar will give shine and softness to the hair;
  • Brewed and chilled tea bags will help get rid of inflammation and eye fatigue.

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