How To Buy Live Cosmetics From Siberia In Moscow

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How To Buy Live Cosmetics From Siberia In Moscow
How To Buy Live Cosmetics From Siberia In Moscow

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The fashion for all natural has literally swept the world. Eco-products, eco-materials and even living cosmetics are popular today. Cosmetics from Siberia are in special demand among Russian women. Moreover, it is quite easy to buy it everywhere. Including in Moscow.

How to buy live cosmetics from Siberia in Moscow
How to buy live cosmetics from Siberia in Moscow


Step 1

The easiest way to purchase living cosmetics from Siberia in Moscow is to use the Internet. The firms that supply life-giving beauty products to the capital have their own sites where you can make an order. For example, Go to it, select all those funds that you would like to purchase. They are automatically added to your shopping cart. Then all that remains is to place an order. Please include all your contact information, payment method and delivery time. Wait for the operator to call - he will contact you to clarify the time when you can bring your order. And that's all, you already have cosmetics.

Step 2

If you are not a fan of online shopping, go to the offline store. You can easily find his address and telephone number both on the Internet and in the telephone information services. You just need to drive your request into the search bar of any Internet browser, and the system will offer you several sites to choose from. It remains only to choose the one that sells Siberian cosmetics in a particular store.

Step 3

In the case when you use the information telephone service, call the short number 009 and make a request. Remember that there is a charge for calling this information. Its cost is about 70 rubles per minute of connection with a specialist in the help desk.

Step 4

After receiving information about the store, go to the specified address. There you can look at cosmetics, perhaps even try a particular remedy with a sample. It remains only to pay for the purchase.

Step 5

You can order cosmetics directly from Siberia. To do this, you will need a catalog with the offered products. Select the products you are interested in and send your order to the manufacturer. They will collect the package for you and send it to the address you provided. The only drawback of this method is that you have to wait from a week to two. You will have to buy cosmetics already in Moscow - during the transfer of funds for the parcel.

Step 6

Quite often, professional cosmetologists use cosmetics from Siberia. If you know such a person, you can order healing products for him. In addition, you can also get advice on skin care and the use of a particular product. Ask the master for samples, get acquainted with the cosmetics, and then order the options you like.

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