What Are The Features Of Smokey Ice Makeup

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What Are The Features Of Smokey Ice Makeup
What Are The Features Of Smokey Ice Makeup

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Modern women of fashion try to look perfect, so they care not only about the style of clothing, but also about makeup, which must be performed according to special rules. The most popular makeup currently is smoky eyes.

What are the features of smokey ice makeup
What are the features of smokey ice makeup

The subtleties of applying makeup

To make the Smokey Ais makeup look spectacular, you will need to adhere to some rules:

- creating the perfect face tone;

- giving the eyebrows a beautiful curved shape;

- correct application of shadows;

To keep the skin looking perfect, apply a little foundation, followed by a light textured powder. It is also recommended to treat your lips with foundation and then apply a moisturizing balm on them. All skin imperfections can be masked with a concealer or foundation with a dense texture.

The skin around the eyes must also be prepared for pre-application of makeup. Circles or bags under the eyes can be corrected with a light shade corrector. To prevent the shadows from gathering in the folds of the eyelids, you will need to apply a transparent powder or foundation on them.

The shape of the eyebrows should be corrected with a special pencil to match. If there is a transparent eyebrow gel in the cosmetic bag, it will help to fix the correct bend and style all the hairs beautifully.

Next, you should move on to eye makeup. On the upper eyelids, apply light shadows with a slight shimmer. This will enhance the natural shade of the main shadows. Then draw a pencil line along the upper lid along the lash line. Closer to the inner corner of the eye, the line should narrow, and closer to the outer corner, it should expand. Instead of a pencil, you can use eyeliner or shadows.

A similar line should be drawn along the lower eyelid. Then the lines need to be shaded with a cotton swab. The outline should not be clear. The next step is to apply the darkest shades near the lash line, a lighter shade on the movable eyelids, and the lightest shades under the eyebrows. It is recommended to carefully shade all layers so that the transition between them is invisible. The final touch of volumizing mascara. Lips can be painted with a transparent or pearlescent gloss.

Smoky eyes for different eye tones

Girls with gray or blue eyes should not abuse too dark colors. It is best to choose shades of silver or bronze colors. Use a dark gray or brown pencil as an eyeliner.

Brown-eyed young ladies are more suitable for makeup in blue, brown, lilac, shades. The olive-brown color scheme will look especially advantageous on dark skin. Young ladies with green eyes can experiment with gold, violet, copper, brown and chocolate colors.

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