How To Do Smoky Ice Makeup For Green Eyes

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How To Do Smoky Ice Makeup For Green Eyes
How To Do Smoky Ice Makeup For Green Eyes

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Smokey eye makeup has gone from a fashion novelty to a classic. However, you can add original notes to it - for example, make colored smoky. The right shade of shadows and mascara will accentuate the color of the iris and visually enlarge the eyes.

How to do smoky ice makeup for green eyes
How to do smoky ice makeup for green eyes

Choosing shades

Fashionable burgundy and brown colors are suitable for girls with green eyes. Khaki shades, as well as classic black, will also look spectacular. Shadows can have different textures - you can paint spectacular smoky with cream, gel or powder. To complete the look, you need eyeliner and mascara - they will add brightness to the makeup.

Classic smoky eyes can be painted with the eyeshadow in the pencil - it is shaded with the applicator, and the color transitions are achieved through layering. If you prefer a classic approach, use three shades of eyeshadow - light, medium and dark. Choose shadows in the desired range and carefully shade them for a smooth color transition.

Special kits for creating "smokey eyes" are very convenient. The convenient box contains three shades of eyeshadow, a brush and an applicator, and sometimes even an eyeliner.

Classic brown makeup

Try creating a dramatic chocolate haze around your green eyes. Choose a shade of a suitable tone. For warm golden-green eyes, soft shades of cocoa and cinnamon are suitable, while for cold greyish greens, richer tones of dark chocolate are needed.

Tidy up your eyebrows - they will give your face a well-groomed look.

Apply a cream or gel eyeshadow base to the moving lid. Use your fingertips to work it into the skin and let the product absorb. On the upper eyelid, apply a light gray-beige shadow, blending it towards the eyebrow. You can apply a light golden or pearlescent highlight under the eyebrow.

Place a layer of crushed stone, cocoa or milk chocolate on the moving eyelid. Feather them to make the color transition smooth. Place some eyeshadow on the applicator and gently move the lower eyelid. In the outer corner, the intensity of the color can be increased.

The darkest shade of the eyeshadow - chocolate or black-brown - add to the outer corner of the eye and the crease of the upper eyelid. Rub the lines with the applicator to make the color transition smooth. Also shade the outer corner of the lower eyelid with a dark color.

Apply sulfur or chocolate brown eyeliner to the upper eyelid, holding the brush as close to the lash line as possible. Use a cream or gel eyeliner with the finest glitter - it looks especially expressive. Finally, paint your lashes with two coats of curling velvet black mascara. Fashionable smoky makeup for green eyes is ready.

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