Black Hair Color: Pros And Cons

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Black Hair Color: Pros And Cons
Black Hair Color: Pros And Cons

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One of the easiest ways to achieve a change in your appearance is to change your hair color. Black looks very remarkable, and a spectacular brunette is unlikely to go unnoticed. However, before you make a decision and sign up for a hairdresser, find out about the pros and cons of this shade.

Black hair color: pros and cons
Black hair color: pros and cons


Girls with black hair really look spectacular. Not all men prefer blondes. In the mass consciousness, brunettes are endowed with sexuality and charm, they are strong and confident personalities. If you position yourself as a strong-willed and independent woman, black hair will help you form the desired image and declare your qualities.

Pure black doesn't suit many, but if you guessed right with the tint, you will look really amazing. Trying to become a brunette should be a girl with smooth light or olive skin. You can also pay attention to black for tanned girls, but it's not a fact that after the tan is washed off, this shade will look just as impressive. In general, black hair is suitable for young ladies with a winter color type. This shade makes them look like snow white or mysterious snow queens.

Along with changing your hair color, you should also think about changing your makeup. If you have always dreamed of luscious eyeshadows and bright lipstick, but such makeup looked inappropriate against the background of ash hair, now you can afford to experiment - your new hairstyle requires a decent framing. Pink and turquoise eyeshadows, rich smoky eyes, scarlet, carrot or purple lipstick, thick eyeliner - now you can experiment with this, and it will most likely suit you.


Black hair color does not suit everyone. If you are mistaken, it will highlight all your flaws - redness of the skin, bruises under the eyes, and also add a couple of years. And fixing the error will not be so easy. From one dyeing, you can lighten your hair by two or three tones, but if you decide to completely get rid of the dark shade, you will have to go to this for a long time and persistently, and then restore damaged hair. If, over time, you want to change again, and you decide to change your hair color, you will face a similar problem - it will not be easy to turn into a blonde or brown-haired woman.

For young ladies who have naturally dark hair, it is quite easy to maintain the beauty of dyed curls. However, if you are naturally blonde or light-haired, in a week or two you will notice regrown roots, which will be very noticeable against the background of dark hair. Frequent coloring spoils hair, light roots spoil the look, and tint balms will not give you the desired shade. Girls who cannot cope with dandruff in any way should not dye their hair black. On a dark background, peeling scales will be quite noticeable.

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