How To Hide Facial Imperfections With A Hairstyle?

How To Hide Facial Imperfections With A Hairstyle?
How To Hide Facial Imperfections With A Hairstyle?

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A well-chosen hairstyle will not only emphasize the winning details of the appearance, but also hide some flaws. A good haircut, done by a specialist, will distract attention from a long nose, cover a high forehead or protruding ears, and even correct the shape of the skull and the length of the neck.

How to hide facial imperfections with a hairstyle?
How to hide facial imperfections with a hairstyle?

When choosing a hairstyle, consider many factors. Keep in mind not only the facial features and their shape, but also the condition of the skin, height, physique and features of the figure. Much also depends on the hair. You should not choose a haircut that will require painstaking daily styling. The best option is a modern, simple hairstyle that can be easily modified with styling products and accessories.

Pay attention to your hair color too. Dark and bright strands go to large and clear lines, small ones look more advantageous in the frame of light hair.

A short neck can be hidden by an asymmetrical haircut with a raised nape and thin strands framing the face. This hairstyle is also suitable for owners of a disproportionately large head. A flat nape will hide a voluminous haircut with steps or voluminous bunches in combination with smooth temples.

If you want to disguise a nose that is too large, avoid hairstyles with small curls, as well as smoothly tightened knots. Your choice is soft waves in a side parting, long side bangs and straight hair cut in steps. A high convex forehead will be hidden by voluminous long bangs, straight or trimmed with feathers. A low spinner or bangs lifted by a wave will help balance a low forehead. Small and expressionless features of the face will become clearer against the background of a shock of small curls.

A semi-long haircut with voluminous temples will help to hide protruding or too large ears. Hair should go down to the chin or the middle of the neck. Perfectly smooth strands will not work, light waves or lush curls will mask the ears much more successfully. Discard slicked-back hair and high buns, they will only accentuate the flaw.

With the help of hairstyles, you can correct the shape of the face. A heavy square jaw will be softened by an asymmetrical haircut with light wolves reaching the middle of the neck. But the classic short bob and hairstyles with a straight parting will not work, they will make the lower part of the face even more voluminous.

When choosing a hairstyle, try on a wig. This is especially important if you plan on making a drastic change to your look.

For a round face, there are oblique bangs and thin milled strands, as well as lush volumetric bunches on the crown, visually stretching the oval. The elongated square also looks good. In this case, the hair should not fall off the face, it is better to tuck it behind the ears. Extremely short haircuts and hedgehog styling are very suitable for chubby girls with a slender figure, but only on condition of a suitable hair texture.

Hairstyles of small curls and the classic page hairstyle are shown in a triangular shape. If you want to emphasize a graceful pointed chin, choose haircuts that end at the level of the cheekbones. Longer, voluminous hairstyles will draw attention away from the lower part of the face. Replace heavy straight bangs with milled ones. If you like hairstyles with long hair, try on a low knot located at the level of your neck. If there is a lack of hair volume, you can use a false hairpiece. Avoid very short haircuts, they will only emphasize the imbalance of the face.

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