Eyebrow Pencil: Rules Of Use

Eyebrow Pencil: Rules Of Use
Eyebrow Pencil: Rules Of Use

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A pencil that matches the shade will help to make the eyebrows neat and well-groomed. Such a cosmetic product gives the eyebrows a shape, masks imperfections. A properly chosen pencil can work wonders, but for this they need to be used correctly.

Eyebrow pencil: rules of use
Eyebrow pencil: rules of use

It is necessary to select an eyebrow pencil, focusing on the color type of appearance, first of all, on the color of the hair. For owners of black, dark brown hair, a black pencil is suitable. Brown tint can be used if the curls are chestnut, red, dark blond. For blondes, you should choose a pencil of ash brown, gray, reddish brown, beige.

To get the most natural eyebrow color, it is advisable to use a pencil of two shades for make-up - one darker, the other lighter. A dark shade is applied at the beginning of the eyebrows, and a light shade for the end of the line. When using an eyebrow pencil, remember that its shade should match the colors used in eye makeup. It is allowed for the eyebrow pencil to be one shade darker.

You should always carry an eyebrow pencil with you in your cosmetic bag in order to correct your makeup. With just one stroke, paint can be smeared, even if the product is waterproof.

If the hair is much lighter than the eyebrows, the color of the pencil should be intermediate. That is, this is the middle shade between the color of curls and eyebrows. For example, if your hair is black and your eyebrows are brown, your pencil should be dark brown.

Makeup will be effective if you use exclusively a special eyebrow pencil, and not a pencil for eyes and lips. The difference between these products will consist not only in color, but also in consistency. An eyebrow pencil is traditionally harder. To keep the line clear, you can put the pencil in the freezer for a couple of minutes before applying makeup. This will help it harden further.

The eyebrow line will be beautiful and sophisticated if the pencil is sharpened. When drawing hairs, you do not need to press on the lead, as the paint can smear or lie in a thick layer. You cannot draw a line in one motion - the eyebrows will look unnatural. To achieve the best result, you need to apply the pencil on the desired area with strokes.

It is imperative to draw empty spaces between the hairs. And in order for the pencil to lie flat, you need to paint your eyebrows after applying foundation and powder. This is one of the final stages of makeup.

The color of the pencil should be no more than two tones darker than the eyebrows, a greater contrast looks inharmonious.

It is important to comb your eyebrows with a special brush before and after coloring - this will help blend the pencil, it will look natural. It is necessary to apply a pencil on the eyebrows so that the outer edge of the line is not lower in level than the inner one. Such a mistake will make facial expressions sad. Applicators will help to slightly soften the brightness of the cosmetics and the shape of the eyebrows.

Remember not to dye your eyebrows immediately after you have corrected them. The cosmetic product will lie unevenly on irritated skin and bring additional discomfort. When buying eyebrow pencils, try to choose only products that are firm in structure. They are ideal for correcting the shape, soft pencils are required only when it is necessary to slightly tint the eyebrows.

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