Eyeliner Or Eyeliner - Which Is Better?

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Eyeliner Or Eyeliner - Which Is Better?
Eyeliner Or Eyeliner - Which Is Better?

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If at the beginning of the twentieth century the main thing in makeup was the presence of lipstick, then after 100 years it is more important to emphasize the eyes. There are a lot of eye makeup techniques, and the most popular are smokey eyes and arrows. To complete them, you need a pencil or eyeliner. What to choose can be judged by finding out the benefits of both products.

Eyeliner or eyeliner - which is better?
Eyeliner or eyeliner - which is better?

To choose between pencil and eyeliner, you need to examine all their strengths and weaknesses.

Pencil - hard or soft

The advantages of a contour eyeliner are that it makes it much easier to master the smokey eyes makeup technique. To create such a make-up, you need a soft lead, which is easy to shade and does not give a clear line. By the way, it is with a soft rod that you can draw the space between the eyelashes from below and above to make your look deep and expressive.

It is convenient to draw arrows with a hard pencil, it does not smudge and lasts much longer than a soft pencil. They can also shade the ciliary roots from the inside.

Another advantage of a contour eyeliner is the ease of applying makeup. Usually, beginners in visage use this tool, replacing them with shadows. By the way, with skillfully applied eye makeup with a pencil, you can refuse to use mascara. This is especially convenient in the summer, when you want to look bright with a minimum amount of makeup on your face.

The weak point of a contour pencil is its low durability and the inability to draw clear straight lines.

Variety of eyeliners

For professional makeup artists, the benefits of eyeliner are obvious. With this product, you can draw perfect arrows for light and stylish makeup.

The eyeliner is liquid, solid and in the form of a felt-tip pen. The first option is only suitable for experienced girls who have gotten their hands on makeup with a pencil. The latter option is ideal for beginners. By the way, with the help of this product you can learn how to use liquid eyeliner. First, you need to draw a line with a felt-tip pen, and from above, along a finished clear line, apply a liquid product.

Solid eyeliner is subdivided into gel and powder (from pressed black powder). The first is applied with a brush with a beveled bristle and is used mainly in the creation of smokey eyes. Powder eyeliner is applied with a damp brush and creates an effect similar to hard pencil and liquid eyeliner, i.e. thin, clear arrows.

These are the well-known benefits of eyeliner. The disadvantages of the product include the fact that you need to have a certain skill to use it.

What is still better

It is definitely impossible to decide the question - pencil or eyeliner - what to choose. Each woman must answer herself what she expects from the product, what are her preferences in makeup and what kind of makeup skills she has.

Professional stylists advise you to have both a contour pencil and a liquid eyeliner in your arsenal in order to change images depending on the situation.

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