False Eyelashes: How To Apply Them Discreetly

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False Eyelashes: How To Apply Them Discreetly
False Eyelashes: How To Apply Them Discreetly

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False eyelashes are one of the ways to make your makeup look expressive and eye-catching. They can be used both on weekdays and in preparation for any festive event or party; it is not for nothing that make-up artists almost always use this technique in festive makeup. There are many options for false eyelashes on sale - from imitations of natural to carnival with rhinestones and feathers.

False eyelashes: how to apply them discreetly
False eyelashes: how to apply them discreetly


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Step 1

Prepare eyelash glue, tweezers, and a wooden stick. You can use the glue that comes with your eyelashes (usually white), or you can get a special black glue that is used by professionals. For heavy eyelashes, waterproof glue is suitable. If your purchased lashes appear to be excessively long, trim them with a small scissors.

Step 2

When gluing single cilia or tufts of them, use tweezers to take the cilia and dip the tip into the glue. If you are working with solid lashes, gently apply the glue with a wooden stick (or thin brush) to the base of the lash strip. Before using it, squeeze out a little and wait for the glue to dry slightly.

Step 3

The next step is the gluing itself. Cover the eye that you are going to make out. Apply individual eyelashes to the growth line of your own eyelashes, usually a few pieces closer to the outer corners of the eyes are enough. Solid strips should also be glued close to the natural growth line, starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. After applying the strip, do not remove your fingers immediately, slightly press down the glued decoration and wait a few seconds. Wait until the glue sets, do not rush to apply mascara.

Step 4

Make sure that the eyelashes on both eyes look symmetrical, compare the angle of their inclination. It is important that they are glued neatly, so do everything carefully. If you do not like the result, use a professional eye makeup remover, the false eyelashes will easily come off. But do not try to pull them off, as your own hairs may suffer. Remember that false eyelashes can be used multiple times.

Step 5

Use makeup products: eye shadow, pencil, eyeliner to completely hide your little trick. Apply mascara to your lashes and your look is complete.

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