How To Visually Enlarge Eyelashes

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How To Visually Enlarge Eyelashes
How To Visually Enlarge Eyelashes

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Expressive and attractive eyes are made not only by professionally applied makeup, but also by thick and voluminous eyelashes. The fair sex appreciated this in ancient times and began to use various formulations for tinting eyelashes. Today, cosmetic products are significantly different in their variety, and, therefore, it is much easier for a modern woman to achieve the desired effect.

How to visually enlarge eyelashes
How to visually enlarge eyelashes


  • - Mascara;
  • - eyelash curler;
  • - eyeliner pencil;
  • - artificial eyelashes;
  • - glue for eyelashes;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - castor or burdock oil;
  • - vitamins A, D. E.


Step 1

A simple and common way to visually enlarge eyelashes is to use mascara. You can apply volumizing mascara to your lashes. Today there are many cosmetic companies that produce similar products. The volume of the eyelashes is increased due to the oily structure of the mascara and the presence of a thick, voluminous brush. You can also use ordinary mascara, just lightly powder your eyelashes before applying it.

Step 2

Professional make-up artists in their practice often use a special device for curling eyelashes. Curling should be done just before using the mascara.

Step 3

For evening make-up, gently use a black eyeliner to draw a thin line over the upper lid. This will darken the base of your lashes and make them look thick.

Step 4

Correct eyeliner can visually increase eyelashes. Just raise its line above the outer corner of the eye, and draw the inner eyelid with a white pencil.

Step 5

You can go to a beauty salon and use eyelash extension services. The effect of this procedure is quite long (about three weeks). However, after using it, you can not rub your eyes, wash your face often, use cosmetics.

Step 6

Get quality fake eyelashes and apply them yourself. Dip the thread of such eyelashes in warm water, then hook it with tweezers, bend it slightly. Soak a toothpick or thin stick in special glue and run it along the thread. Then gently press it against your lashes. To smooth out the edges, paint over the fake lash line with an eyeliner.

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