What Kind Of Makeup Do Guys Like

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What Kind Of Makeup Do Guys Like
What Kind Of Makeup Do Guys Like

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Feminine logic is amazing. Girls, trying to please guys, often use tricks that can put them off. It is women who like predatory extended nails, blood-red lipstick and breathtakingly strong perfume just because famous pop divas or actresses use these "baits". But what is good on stage or screen is not always acceptable in life. Therefore, the makeup that guys like can be radically different from the current trends.

What kind of makeup do guys like
What kind of makeup do guys like


  • - makeup base;
  • - foundation of a natural shade;
  • - proofreader;
  • - black lengthening mascara;
  • - eyebrow pencil;
  • - pink or peach blush;
  • - lip balm;
  • - beige lipstick.


Step 1

Men appreciate being natural and well-groomed. It doesn't matter how a woman achieves such a result. The main thing is that the make-up should be almost invisible to the male eye.

Step 2

What could be more pleasing to the eye than a healthy complexion? If nature has cheated you, you need to achieve it with the help of cosmetics. Makeup for the first date should be done in natural pinks and flesh tones.

Step 3

Don't think that the more foundation you apply, the better your complexion will be. Quite the opposite - a thick layer of cream will make your makeup look like plaster, and your face will look like a mask. To evenly distribute the tinting agent in a thin layer, it is worth diluting it in half with a make-up base and applying with a special sponge. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas, and to touch the clean areas of the skin symbolically.

Step 4

Obvious defects of the epidermis - pockmarks, spots or inflamed acne - need to be masked with a green or yellow corrector, and a foundation should be applied on top. You need to fix the base with loose transparent powder, and take matting wipes with you to correct the makeup.

Step 5

Black and white oval correction is great. But don't include it in your first date makeup. It is from a distance, all these dims and highlights look beautiful. And up close they just look like dirty stripes.

Step 6

Facial alignment is just the first step. Now you need to add volume to the face, highlighting the eyebrows, eyes and lips.


Step 7

If you don't want to use mascara, don't. This will make you look even more natural. But in order to highlight the eyes, it is worth painting on the eyebrows a little. Take a sharpened pencil, place it horizontally and make a few light strokes, starting from the "head" of the eyebrow. Slowly moving towards the bend, increase the pressure, drawing an arc. And paint over the "tail" with weak, fading strokes.

Step 8

And yet, rarely does any woman give up mascara. And the makeup that guys love is about long, curved and fluffy eyelashes. Just do not try too hard, applying layer by layer, so that instead of natural silky eyelashes, you don't get lumpy "spider legs".

Step 9

The final step in natural make-up is to apply blush. Guys love it when a girl's cheeks resemble a peach or rose petal. With a natural shade that matches the skin tone, you need to lightly paint the apples of the cheeks, making light touches with a fluffy brush.

Step 10

Sponges can be left unpainted. Although it is worth applying beige lipstick a la "nude" or at least just a colorless balm.

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