How To Wear Long Hair

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How To Wear Long Hair
How To Wear Long Hair

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Some girls dream of long and healthy hair. About a hundred years ago, almost all women walked with long braids, on this topic they even composed proverbs, for example, "A girl without braids - that the rake is broken in haymaking." Nowadays, beautiful and well-styled long curls are a rare occurrence. More and more people are subjecting their hair to chemical "torture", making it dull and brittle. And the secret to healthy and beautiful long hair lies in proper care.

How to wear long hair
How to wear long hair


Step 1

Keep your hair clean, if you see that it has become greasy and slightly dirty - do not postpone water treatments until tomorrow, wash your hair today. Firstly, dirty curls look ugly, and secondly, they can cause some inflammatory skin diseases.

Step 2

Wash your hair with folk remedies such as egg yolk. If you have oily hair, add a few drops of lemon juice to the yolk. Rinse your hair with decoctions made from herbs such as nettle, chamomile, and sage. Remember: rinsing should be done when the hair is almost dry, so they will absorb more nutrients.

Step 3

Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer. If you need to dry them as quickly as possible, use hot towels. In no case do not comb wet curls, as you will break their structure.

Step 4

In order for your hair to grow healthy, make masks using burdock oil, onions, sour milk, black bread crumb. After you apply the product to the curls, create a greenhouse effect with a plastic bag, wrap the hair with a terry towel on top.

Step 5

When styling long hair, try not to use hairpins, hairpins, as they injure the hair follicles. Do not do too tight hairstyles, your hair will quickly thin out because of this.

Step 6

If you like to walk with your hair down, then try to cover it with a hat in the sun. Spray the ends with a moisturizing spray periodically to keep them dry.

Step 7

Braid your braid overnight, but it shouldn't be tight as your hair needs rest. Of course, you can go to bed with your hair loose, but in the morning it will most likely be tangled.

Step 8

When dyeing your hair a different color, choose natural colors such as basma or henna.

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