How To Style A Perm

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How To Style A Perm
How To Style A Perm

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Many girls who do not naturally have thick and curly hair dream of creating a new image and changing their image with the help of beautiful and lush curls. Today, hair can be curled in various ways, and one of the most popular is perm, which allows you to keep clear curls for a long time, both small and large. Chemically curled hair can be styled into a variety of hairstyles for an irresistible look.

How to style a perm
How to style a perm


Step 1

Before perming, wash your hair with a shampoo that protects its structure, apply a conditioner or a protective balm to the hair. Immediately before styling, treat your hair with a special fixing foam or structuring gel - this will make waves and curls clearer and more visible.

Step 2

Dry your hair with a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. This nozzle will form lush curls, which can be shaped in several ways.

Step 3

Apply a foam or fixative gel to your hair and then dry it with a diffuser, shake your hair thoroughly with your hands and add volume. This will allow you to create an attractive and fluffy hairstyle from many small curls.

Step 4

For a more elegant and elegant hairstyle, you can style your hair with a hairdryer using a round brush. Style your hair in soft, dense waves, adding volume to the strands as you pull them out with the brush.

Step 5

Alternatively, you can air dry your hair naturally, in room temperature air, without using a hair dryer.

Step 6

Shake your hair from time to time with your hands to make it fuller after drying. Once dry naturally, spray with a moisturizing spray.

Step 7

Despite the fact that your hair has already been permed, you can additionally wind it with curlers. Additional curling will add softness and fluffiness to the hair, and the curls will retain their original appearance for a long time.

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