How To Improve Nail Growth

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How To Improve Nail Growth
How To Improve Nail Growth

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Almost every woman wants to have long beautiful nails. Those who find the extension procedure too harmful for the natural structure of the nails have to use all kinds of means to increase the growth rate of their own marigolds.

How to improve nail growth
How to improve nail growth


  • - Lemon juice;
  • - iodine;
  • - beeswax;
  • - baby cream;
  • - Red pepper;
  • - Toothpaste.


Step 1

At home, you should devote time to your nails every day: make masks, nourishing applications, massage, manicure. It is useful to have a bath once a week. Mix warm lemon juice with a few drops of iodine - this is a solution to strengthen the nail plate. Add iodine to salt water - the composition makes nails strong and accelerates their growth. All baths should be done with warm water, as cells and tissues become more pliable and open.

Step 2

Daily massage stimulates blood circulation in the fingers, which causes nails to grow. Increase the usefulness of the procedure by adding essential components to the massage oil - this way you will also disinfect the skin, make it soft and smooth.

Step 3

To get rid of brittle nails and stimulate their growth, masks should be done from time to time. Wax gloves are a very useful procedure that allows you to achieve amazing results in a short time. To do this, you need to dip your fingers in warm beeswax (it can be melted in a water base), remove them and place them in a bowl of cold water. Thimbles should remain on your fingertips all night, so wear cotton gloves on top.

Step 4

The stimulating properties of red pepper have long been used in cosmetology - pepper masks are actively used for hair loss. You can accelerate the growth of nails with a mask made from baby cream and red pepper. Add some water to the mixture and heat it up. Gently apply a warm mass to the nails and the skin around them. A slight burning sensation will be a signal to wash off the drug. A mask made from ordinary toothpaste strengthens nails well and accelerates their growth. Apply applications twice a week.

Step 5

For nails to grow well, you need to nourish them from the inside. Your diet should contain sufficient amounts of calcium, vitamins A and E. Eat a lot of sea fish, as the iodine in it will strengthen the nail plate and cause it to grow rapidly.

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