How To Strengthen Nails In Spring

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How To Strengthen Nails In Spring
How To Strengthen Nails In Spring

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In the spring, due to the lack of vitamins and other valuable substances, the nails become weak, lose their strength and begin to exfoliate. Fortunately, they can return to their former health and beauty: for this, the nail plates need to be strengthened.

How to strengthen nails in spring
How to strengthen nails in spring

To combat delamination and brittle nails, both commercial cosmetics and homemade strengthening compounds can be used. So, as a purchased strengthening agent, a special varnish with a healing effect can be used, which contains calcium (it is applied to the nail plate as a base layer). The effect of using such a strengthening agent is noticeable after the first procedures.

Sea salt is an effective tonic

Sea salt is rich in minerals, so baths based on it are used to strengthen weakened nail plates. For their preparation on a glass of water (its recommended temperature - 36 ° C -37 ° C) take 2, 5-3 tbsp. sea ​​salt. Please note that sea salt must be free of flavorings and colorants. Hands are lowered into the finished solution for 13-15 minutes, then they are covered with a nourishing cream. If the procedure is performed before bedtime, it is recommended to wear thin cotton gloves at night: this will enhance the process of penetration of nutrients into the nail plates and skin. The treatment course lasts 2 weeks, while the procedures are performed every other day.

How to strengthen nails in spring with iodine

Often, the cause of weakness and brittle nails in spring is iodine deficiency. To replenish the deficiency of this element and strengthen the nail plates, it is recommended to apply iodine on them (they cover only the plates, it is impossible to apply to the cuticle so as not to burn it). After 4-5 hours, the iodine will be absorbed by the nail plates, and they will acquire a normal color. The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the nails: as a rule, it lasts 1, 5-2 weeks.

Strengthening nail plates with wax

An effective way to strengthen weakened nails in the spring is to perform a wax seal. To do this, a small amount of beeswax is melted in a water bath and rubbed into the nail plates with massaging movements. To enhance the effect, you can prepare a healing mixture of honey, olive or other vegetable oil and beeswax (the ratio of the components is 1: 1: 1). Oil is added to the wax melted in a water bath, and when the mixture cools down to 65 ° C - 70 ° C, the composition is enriched with honey. Every day before going to bed, this healing mixture is rubbed into the nail plates, and cotton gloves are put on top. Already after the first procedures, the nails become stronger, stop exfoliating and acquire a beautiful shine.

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