How To Get Tanned Harder

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How To Get Tanned Harder
How To Get Tanned Harder

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A distinct tan is in many ways an indicator of image and prestige, it is important in various fields of activity - from acting to everyday life. Various cosmetic and homeopathic remedies are used to enhance tanning.

How to get tanned harder
How to get tanned harder


Step 1

Use "developers". In the initial stages of tanning, you should use so-called "developers". Their use allows you to see the effect of tanning after a short period of time. This is due to the presence in them of certain combinations of natural ingredients or an increased content of vitamin E.

Step 2

To make your tan more effective, purchase special "activators". These include various tanning products that contain a range of oils and other substances that can enhance the results you have already achieved. Also, if you are visiting a tanning bed, you should buy "activators" with a tingle effect, which create a slight tingling sensation on the skin, very similar to the sensation of sunbathing. In addition, the result from the use of "activators" with a tingle effect is already evident during tanning.

Step 3

If you want to change the shade of your own tan to your taste, buy "bronzers". Thanks to special substances, "bronzers" give the skin a characteristic bronze tint. To use the bronzer correctly, you should apply it to your skin before starting your tanning session.

Step 4

At the end of the entire tanning course, in order to preserve the effect obtained, use "fixers". They retain the resulting shade for a very long time. If you wish, you can continue the tanning course after using the "fixers" - this will make the existing shade more expressive.

Step 5

Turn to natural remedies. Focus on foods and vitamin complexes containing vitamins A and E. Eat tomatoes, apricots, milk, beef liver, butter. You can also make a face mask from tomatoes and other ingredients, it will preserve the tanning effect until winter. Start washing your face with mildly brewed tea or rubbing your face with pre-frozen coffee. This will not only preserve your tan, but also soften your skin. If you are relaxing on the sea, keep in mind that the salty sea water also increases your tan.

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